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Am I An Alcoholic?

Many women have found themselves asking this question. If you are asking yourself “Am I an alcoholic?” Here are some other questions to consider your answer to.


  • Does Alcohol Fill Up Your Calendar? You may not have “drink”, “get drunk”, or “consume alcohol” actually written on your calendar- unless you do. You may have social gathering, game nights, sports games, parties, weddings, celebrations, or even normal outings like movies that will somehow involve alcohol. Having a busy social life in today’s age can mean having a busy drinking life. Many people are drinking more than they realize because their social calendar normalizes frequent drinking. For some people, an active social life means actively binge drinking, getting drunk, or blacking out. If it is normal for the occasion, their calendar may just seem like a series of drinking occasions.
  • Are You Drinking More Alcohol, More Often? Regular drinking, even when it is not in large quantities, can lead to developing a tolerance. A tolerance develops when the brain no longer reacts to the levels of alcohol previously being consumed. In order to achieve that familiar feeling of being buzzed, tipsy, drunk, or even wasted, you have to drink more than you have in the past. You may not even notice that you’re ordering more drinks than usual or that you aren’t feeling the effects of alcohol as quickly. If you haven’t developed a tolerance, you might just be drinking more often than normal and drinking higher quantities of alcohol each time you drink.
  • Do You Drink To Feel Better Or Different? Alcohol gets the nickname “liquid courage” for a reason: alcohol can lower inhibitions. It isn’t uncommon for people to have a drink or two in social situations. People also turn to alcohol to “take the edge off” at the end of the day, as alcohol can stimulate feelings of euphoria and relaxation. However, some people turn to alcohol to cope with more difficult situations in life than they should. Turning to alcohol because you can’t relax without alcohol or you can’t survive social interactions without alcohol means that you have become dependent on alcohol. Emotional dependency on alcohol can encourage physical dependency on alcohol if you start to drink more in order to survive daily life.
  • Have You Or Others Noticed A Problem With Your Drinking? There is one thing that people who do not have a problem with alcohol ask themselves: Do I have a problem with alcohol? Their family members don’t bring up their drinking, voice their concerns, or suggest things like “cutting back”, “taking a break”, or “giving up alcohol”. Alcoholism isn’t always in extreme forms like drinking gallons of alcohol a day. Sometimes, dependency on alcohol can creep up on us and while we may not notice, people around us do. If you find yourself, or people in your life, asking about a problem with alcohol, it is worth looking into. Recovery is possible. You can learn to live better before your alcoholism gets worse.


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