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Life Skills and Time Management

If you suffer from addiction, you know that it consumes your life, causing everything else to fall into neglect. Once you’ve completed your recovery program and are beginning to take steps towards returning to your everyday life, you might need to learn some basic skills that you forgot or didn’t possess in the first place.

One of the keys to a successful recovery is time management. During active addiction, most of your hours are spent focusing on that addiction. When you enter a treatment program, your focus is on healing and finding new ways to enjoy life. The problem can arise once you leave rehab and realize that you have to adjust again and figure out how to manage your normal, daily life. Some people may want to start slow, and schedule too few things to occupy their time, which can lead to procrastination or boredom. On the other hand, some people fill every minute with activities, and still aren’t able to accomplish what they want to. Both of these situations can be stressful, and with stress comes the danger of relapse.

At Villa Tranquil, we help you to learn how to productively manage your time so that you can find a happy medium that works for you. We help you discover basic time management techniques, such as writing down a to-do list each day, knowing your limitations (or how to say “no”), and making time to just rest and recharge. Learning these proven successful ways to manage your time is vitally important, so that when it comes time to go back home, you’re armed with the right tools to help you continue on your way to lifelong sobriety.