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Anxiety More Likely to Develop in Women

Over fifty-eight million American adults over the age of 18 are living with an anxiety disorder at this exact moment. Anxiety disorders can include anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder. Just over eighteen percent of the population spend each day of their lives proactively managing their stress and emotions in order to prevent an anxiety attack or panic attack of any kind. To the best of their ability, they are living each day in a form of recovery from anxiety. Many of these adults, however, have not had the opportunity to receive a professional analysis, diagnosis, or plan for treatment. Consequently, many women turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, creating a dual diagnosis complication for themselves until they finally receive the treatment they need.

Statistically, women are twice as likely than men to develop an anxiety disorder. Women receive this title in different stereotypes and judgments their entire lives. Films like How Does She Do It, for example, highlight the chronic worrying, strategizing, list making, and future planning women are more likely to face. Genetically, women are more prone to have running thoughts in their head than men are. It is more than a stereotype, it is science. Men do not think at the fast pace that women do. While men can hone in and focus on just one issue at a time, women typically have a maze of thoughts behind them. It is more skill than disability until those running thoughts exhibit the behaviors of a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are one of the most frequently co-occurring mental health disorders with a substance use disorder. Women who experience the development of addiction and/or alcoholism in their life are likely to also experience anxiety. Their anxiety might come as a side effect or a symptom of either their active addiction or their active recovery. Likewise, women who experience anxiety are likely to develop substance use disorders as they turn to the euphoric, in addition to many other, effects of drugs and alcohol to relieve the pressure of anxiety.

Women experience anxiety from head to toe. Anxiety is not a condition experienced strictly in thought. The hormonal functions of anxiety in the body include the production of cortisol and adrenaline, which cause energy in the body. Women experience uncomfortable physical side effects of anxiety which makes their attraction to drugs and alcohol more strong.

Research has found that female-driven anxiety can start forming in girls as young as two years old when they start to act more timid, shy, afraid, and insecure. As a result, women are conditioned to respond with more severity to life, contributing to the narrative that women are dramatic. What women are truly reacting to is the gender-normative pressures being applied to them by their parents. At this young age, parents are shaping their daughter’s minds to be more giving, considerate, and selfless. While these are important developments for an emotionally and spiritually mature adult, these characteristics are only being applied to girls at that age. Watching their male counterparts be encouraged to collect and keep more personal power, girls learn to be afraid of what they have and what they are capable of.


You are capable of recovering. Villa Tranquil Recovery offers a unique post-treatment for women between the ages of 18-65 years old. Continuing structure and support, the women in Villa Tranquil learn to integrate their recovery into their lives, building a sisterhood, a personal power, and a zest for life centered on sobriety. Call us today for information on our new home in Jupiter Farms, Florida. 214-799-3080