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Are You Being Too Tough on Yourself?

Something that we can all agree on is that we are often harder on ourselves than we should be. It’s good to have expectations for yourself and set goals to complete those expectations, but these expectations and goals must be realistic. How you think impacts how you feel. It’s important to stop every once in a while and breathe while pondering this question: “Am I being too tough on myself?”

Push, Push, Push

Natalie Lue, author and writer for In The Moment magazine, is very hard on herself. She didn’t know this immediately, however. It took her reaching out to her doctor after feeling poorly for a while. “Who starts the year not running and then expects themselves to run a marathon in a few months?” he asks. “You don’t respect your body.

You push and push and push.” Many of us can relate to the words Lue’s doctor said to her. We often push ourselves beyond our limits and then wonder why we aren’t feeling like our usual selves. Sometimes we think that by continuing to push ourselves through this dark tunnel, we will eventually make it to the bright light on the other side.

This just isn’t true, however. We will fall down and get stuck in the middle of the tunnel. You’re expecting too much of yourself if you decide to push yourself past your limit. Knowing when you’re being too hard on yourself is a key during your recovery. Take a breath right now and ask yourself, “Am I being too hard on myself?”

If You Don’t Allow Yourself a Break, Your Body Will Force a Break

If you are juggling school, work, home life, and other stressors, you’re bound to drop one of the balls eventually. Similarly, if you are pushing yourself with no end in sight and you are not giving yourself a break, your body will demand a break from you.

It will force you to stop and take care of yourself when you least expect it. And by then, it won’t be pretty. You can’t push through or try harder when this happens. You have to stop and breathe. You can, however, stop and breathe before it gets bad. That’s the ideal situation.

The Big Question to Ask Yourself

When you are feeling overwhelmed and like you are being too tough on yourself, ask yourself this question that Lue asked herself during her difficult time:

“Am I being fair and reasonable in expecting this of myself or expecting me to do this without impacting my emotional, mental, and physical well-being?”

If the answer is no, it’s time to take a break. It’s time to step away and give yourself the break before your body forces it upon you.

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