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Are You Dealing With A Stalker?

The life of a woman is often one of trauma. Women are objectified, sexualized, commodified, worshipped, hated, adored, and abused. The trauma women face in their lifetime can have tremendous effect, which they cannot always handle. Women struggle with mental illness in response to trauma and turn to mind altering substances like drugs or alcohol to cope. For some women, the trauma can last for years in the event of a stalker. Being stalked is an indescribably horrifying life experience for women. Unfortunately, due to the lack of credibility women have when it comes to matters of their rights, their safety, and the law, without substantial evidence, women are not often believed. Additionally, the protections the law can take against stalkers in defense of women is minimal. Women have lost their lives, suffered years of abuse, and have lived feeling unsafe, as well as insecure, due to someone stalking them. Turning to drugs and alcohol can feel like a necessary means of survival. Through treatment and recovery, women learn how to live again.

Your Tango cites that anywhere between twelve to sixteen percent of women will be stalked at some point in their life. The website also cites that acquaintances and former spouses are among the more common targets of stalking. “Only about one in four incidents involve stalking by a stranger,” the website explains and “Most stalkers are men- 70 to 80 percent, as reported by various studies.”

Not all stalking is creepy, terrifying, or life-threatening. Stalking can be flattering at first. Women who develop drug and alcohol addiction often suffer from low self-esteem. Someone paying an even uncomfortable amount of attention can feel like more of a positive than a negative. Women will ignore the many signs of a stalker as their denial grows with the intensity of their adoration.

Key Signs Something Isn’t Right

If you feel that someone in your life isn’t right in their relationship to you, consider these signs. If you feel your life is in danger or you are being threatened, call authorities immediately.

  • Someone’s relationship with you is overly intense. How they look at you, how they feel about you, how they treat you- everything is more intense than you are comfortable with long term.
  • They seem to know a lot about you that you haven’t told them. If you find yourself questioning whether or not you told someone details about you, there is a chance they are looking for information on you ahead of time. In the age of the internet, this is a difficult sign to pinpoint since much of your information is available.
  • They seem to be especially concerned about areas of your life which don’t involve them and try to make themselves a part of those areas of your life. Generally, they violate your boundaries and insist it is fine for them to do so because of how much they intensely care about you.
  • When they are upset or have been offended, like if you accuse them of stalking, they become physically aggressive or emotionally abusive.

You can learn how to become an independent, autonomous woman who is authentic and compassionate in recovery. Extend the treatment and recovery process with Villa Tranquil, a women’s transitional living home and program in Jupiter Farms, Florida. Providing structure, safety, and support, women have the chance to continue healing and growing after primary treatment. Call us today for information:  214-799-3080