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Are your Friends Helping or Hurting?

A popular, and quite relevant, expression refers to the concept that you become the aggregate of the five people you spend the most time with throughout your life. Take a moment to consider the magnitude of this statement. We all have hopes, dreams, and goals. Many of us spend much of our time trying to become better versions of ourselves by attaining those goals and striving to experience our hopes and dreams. Imagine for a moment, that this statement is true and that you will become just like the people you surround yourself with daily. What does that mean for you? Think about these people and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they positive, uplifting, and motivated?
  • Are these people working on improving themselves and their lives?
  • Do they share your values?
  • Are they living lives of sobriety, and if not, do they respect your choice to heal from your addiction?
  • Do they respect you for how you are and support your recovery journey?

We all like to think our friends and family are a healthy bunch, don’t we? The reality is that sometimes the people we surround ourselves with aren’t the best influences. Given the choice, would you knowingly step into the lives of these people and embrace their choices and decisions? If not, really consider your social circle. Especially for those of us in recovery, it is critical to surround yourself with people that are living the lives you want to live. If you will eventually become the aggregate of the five people you spend the most time with, doesn’t it make sense that you would make sure these people were living positive, healthy, sober lives?

Making the decision to get the help you need is quite possibly the most influential decision you will make in your life. This decision has the power to change everything for you. For women ages 18-65, Villa Tranquil can offer you the support you need through this time in your life. Villa Tranquil offers a resort-style setting and a positive, supportive recovery community. For more information, please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to learn more about the facility, the staff, and the many opportunities available to give you the life skills necessary to succeed in your recovery journey. Don’t waste another moment of your life battling addiction. Call Villa Tranquil today!