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Barriers And Benefits Of Help

As with anything, there are barriers to getting what you want. Usually, the larger the barrier, the better the reward on the other side. The same is true of recovery. There are barriers to treatment, but also the benefits of getting help. These barriers can seem insurmountable at times, but the benefits of recovery outweigh the obstacles to getting there. Listed below are the barriers to getting help, as well as the benefits. 

Barriers to getting help:

  • Stigma

Stigma is everywhere, especially when it comes to addictions and mental health. You may feel like people will judge you or think less of you, but their opinions do not matter. What matters is what you think of yourself.

  • Embarrassment

What you think of yourself should be pride. You should be proud of yourself for getting help. It is a big step. Embarrassment and shame have no place in recovery. Try to put it aside and ask for help. 

  • Cost of treatment

Treatment can be expensive. At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we aim to make our treatment as accessible to people as possible. We don’t want this to be a barrier for you.

  • Lack of services

Villa Tranquil Recovery has a wide variety of services to offer. There is no lack of services here. We have something for everyone.

  • Imposter syndrome

Thinking that you are not bad enough to receive help is a lie your brain is telling you. Don’t let your brain feed you this misinformation. If you are thinking about asking for help, you are just as deserving of it as the next person. 

Benefits of getting help:

  • Recovery

Recovery is the number one goal at Villa Tranquil Recovery. Being on this path takes a lot of hard work, but we are here to help you get there.

  • Sobriety

The feeling of sobriety is better than anything you have felt before. You will feel in control of your mind and body. You deserve the feeling of sobriety.

  • Happiness

More than anything, you deserve happiness. It is not unattainable. This is one of the best parts of recovery.

  • Relief

You will feel so relieved after asking for help. Asking for help may be the hardest part, and once you do, you’re already halfway there.

  • Helps others

Once you ask for help, you will be an inspiration to those around you who also need help. Without even realizing it, your recovery will be helping those around you. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help break down the barriers of treatment. We want to help you get help. Call us today at 214-799-3080. We cannot wait to hear from you!