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Become More Body Positive: Part Two

Body positivity is a process. Here are three more effective tools for becoming more body positive in 2018.

Use Positive Affirmations Every Day

Affirmations and mantras are proven ways to change your mind about anything. Choose a series of statements which assert beliefs that you don’t currently have. Make a list and put it somewhere you can see it every day. Many women find that using dry erase markers to write affirmations on their mirrors helps disrupt their mirror focused scrutiny. Repeating these positive statements every day for six months has been proven to cause significant changes in the way you see yourself and the world. Try statements like:


  • I love my body
  • I accept my body how it is
  • My body was made with a special plan in mind
  • I have a positive body image
  • I choose to love my body
  • I choose to see everyone as beautiful


You can also focus on the areas of the body you criticize the most and create affirmations specific to those areas to increase acceptance.

Do Things That Feel Good For Your Body

A study published in 2017 found that women feel better about their bodies after a twenty minute workout. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, all of which are feel good chemicals for the brain. It can take some time to reframe exercise from something that you do to try and meet society’s beauty ideals and standards to something you do strictly for yourself and your health. Other forms of self-care make you and your body feel good too. Healing touch, like massages, help boost your body image by allowing others to connect to your body, which helps you connect to your own body.

Practice Mindfulness Toward Mirrors

Women who have deep and painful issues with their body image have a love-hate relationship with mirrors. Many women might describe their relationship with their reflection as the same. The only person who can change what you see and how you see it is you. Mirrors can be a tool or a hindrance depending on your perspective. At first, try to be mindful about mirrors. Notice when you spend time checking out your body in reflective surfaces. Are you body-checking for specific flaws? Are you trying to “convince” yourself that you are beautiful? Once you realize why you look at mirrors, limit your time in them. Look yourself in the eyes, repeat one of your affirmations, and walk away. You don’t need a mirror to tell you who you are.

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