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Being a Woman in Recovery with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is thought to be a child’s issue. Adult women who are living with the challenges of ADHD are often criticized for their childlike character, actions, and patterns of behavior. Despite medication management, organization skills, consistent therapy, and other tools for living with ADHD these adult women receive shame for symptoms of ADHD. Messiness, impulsivity, talkativeness, and forgetfulness are common problems created by the hyperactivity of the mind which is affected by ADHD. Adult ADHD applies to both men and women, presenting an equal challenge to both sides. Women who live with ADHD, however, have to face the female stereotypes which contribute further to the same and stigma of ADHD. Maintaining elegance, grace, poise, organization, cleanliness, and an otherwise air of perfection sets high expectations for women. Such a pressure can create devastating disappointments which can create feelings of low self-esteem or low self-worth. Though ADHD is called a learning disability, it does not have to be a life disability. With long term recovery and a ADHD proactive lifestyle, a woman can live successfully and fully.

ADHD in Women

The brain of a woman with ADHD simply operates at a faster level than everyone else’s. Women who are ADHD also tend to be creative or scientific. Highly intelligent, these women are capable of accomplishing astonishing greatness in their lives. ADHD is characterized by distraction and lack of focus, except when a woman with ADHD finds something to put her mind to. Once the ADHD mind finds a fixation, there is little to no stopping it. With this power behind them, women build corporations, homes, families, inventions, innovations, physical feats and lifestyles beyond the imagination. Unfortunately, that focus can end up in the wrong area, causing destruction rather than creation. Impulsivity and non-consequential behavior can translate too easily into substance abuse as well as gaining a tremendous reward from substance abuse. For many women with ADHD, drugs and alcohol become that primary focus, taking all of their attention and production. However, once a woman is able to find recovery, that fixation can be replaced once more. A woman with co-occurring substance use disorder and ADHD is at an advantage. She is capable of creating an organized way of approaching recovery and putting her mind to the focus of not picking up another drink or drug.


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