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What Is Naloxone?

Opioid overdose is a matter of time. When someone is overdosing on opioids, the clock is running out and it is running fast. First responders, or anyone able to attend to someone overdosing on opioids, is running against the clock to try and save a life. Opioid overdose works systematically, first shutting down the lungs,Read More

Can Women Be Sex Addicts?

Even the sexualization of sex addiction is gendered. Women can become sex addicts as much as men can become sex addicts because addiction and mental illness of any kind do not discriminate. Sex addiction in women can pose many threats and inhibit a woman’s quality of life. When a woman becomes addicted to sex, sheRead More

Celebrate Other Women’s Accomplishments

Women share an intimate and sacred sisterhood with one another. The solidarity and connection among women is unlike any other relationship in the world. Women today are rising up and supporting one another with empowerment, empathy, and compassion. Women are also still engaging in centuries old behavior. Women are hurting, harming, and bringing down otherRead More

3 Harmful Stigmas About Female Addicts And Alcoholics

Stereotype, shame, and stigma, are common with addiction and alcoholism, but are the worst for women. Here are three harmful stigmas about female addicts and alcoholics. Female addicts and alcoholics shouldn’t be mothers Many, many women lose their children as a result of their drug and alcohol addiction. Women lose their ability to safely andRead More

4 More Reasons Why Not Getting Drunk Anymore Is Awesome

You’re less likely to break the law: Even women of sobriety are prone to a few missed stop signs, neglected parking tickets, or even driving on a suspended license. Women of sobriety might break the law without knowing it. What women of sobriety are not doing is driving drunk, being intoxicated beyond legally accepted levels,Read More

4 Reasons Why Not Getting Drunk Anymore Is Awesome

Outsiders to recovery find it hard to understand how women who have become alcoholic can miss drinking. Everything went awry in a woman’s life when she got drunk. Yet, no matter the destruction a drink caused her, she continued to go back to it. Finding reasons to be glad for not getting drunk anymore canRead More

After Spring Cleaning, It’s Time To Spruce It Up

Spring cleaning is a fantastic way to welcome the changing of the seasons. Women of sobriety know better than anyone the importance of regularly taking stock, cleaning house, and creating a fresh slate. Spring cleaning is about more than clearing out clutter. Clearing out the old makes way for the new. Opening up the channelsRead More