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How to Worry Less Without Worrying About it!

As women, worrying seems to be a part of our DNA. We worry about everything from things that haven’t even happened yet to things that happened ten years ago. We worry about turning off the iron, what our boss thinks of our latest report, and the traffic making us late to pick up our childRead More

Meditation in Recovery

Addiction often occurs when a person doesn’t have effective coping mechanisms. Frankly, coping mechanisms are not taught and people are generally required to learn them through trial and error. Sometimes people aren’t given the right set of tools to develop those strategies proficiently. When they find themselves dealing with great amounts of stress, they turnRead More

Trusting Men After Victimization

Victimization occurs in many forms. Abusive relationships, rape, battery, and deception just to name a few. Dealing with these types of personal attacks, whether they are physical or emotional, can be incredibly trying. However, after all is said and done, is it even possible to learn to trust men again? There are some strategies toRead More

The Role of Exercise in Recovery

The recovery journey encompasses so many various areas, and all are significant for different reasons. Exercise is one aspect that impacts many other areas of recovery, also. The stronger and healthier a person’s body is, the more effective the other aspects of a treatment plan will be. There are so many benefits of regular exercise,Read More

Tips for Parenting While in Recovery

Parenting can be a never-ending struggle and a thankless job. In recovery, it can be even more strenuous. Children of parents dealing with addiction are more at risk for emotional problems and addiction. Like you needed any more pressure, right? Don’t stress, here are some tips to help you handle parenting in recovery. Own yourRead More

Dealing with the Aftermath of Divorce

Recovery is a huge commitment. It requires focus, persistence, and mental fortitude. When treatment is complete, the transition to a life of sobriety can be difficult. Stress can multiple those difficulties and make things seem unbearable at times. Divorce can be devastating. In fact, sometimes the aftermath of divorce is more painful than the divorceRead More

Women and Life Insurance

Addiction can be scary. In many cases, there is a complete loss of control and life seems to be more than the person can manage. The physical effects of addiction are devastating, and the emotional effects can be incredibly long-lasting. Many women dealing with addiction think about death. Sometimes they think about the risk ofRead More

Women and Finances: What we Need to Know?

For so long, men were responsible for money and financial decisions in a relationship. Thankfully, those days are long gone. What does that me to women everywhere? It means that women are beginning to take an active role in their family’s financial situation. As women earn more and more money, we are obliterating the age-oldRead More