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Mental Health Clichés You Need To Avoid

There are so many phrases that are stigmatizing, yet they are overused by many. Although worn-out, some clichés can be helpful. Most clichés about mental health are not helpful, however. Mental health clichés can be harmful to those in recovery because they are often used by someone who is unaware of what you are reallyRead More

Don’t Apologize For Your Recovery

Don’t ever apologize when you are stating your needs, this includes your recovery. If you are in recovery, be proud of it! Recovery is a huge step to take. You shouldn’t feel like you have to apologize for your choices. Setting boundaries is a huge part of staying on the right path.  You know youRead More

How Recovery Can Inspire

There’s something special about getting to a big milestone. In recovery, each day is a battle you must choose to fight. Choosing recovery each and every day makes every day a milestone, but what about the big ones — one month, a few months, a whole year? These landmarks are special to you and yourRead More

What Does Proper Treatment Look Like?

Treatment and recovery are different for everybody. There is no one cure-all when it comes to addiction recovery. Treatment should be individualized for each and every patient in recovery. Effective treatment must also be tailored to not only the addiction, but to other needs the patient has, such as depression or anxiety. Even for oneRead More

The Two Most Misunderstood Facts About Addiction

There are so many misconceptions about addiction. These misconceptions are harmful to those suffering from this very real disease — yes, addiction is a disease. Along with mental health myths are the facts that contradict them. Although each person’s experience is different, there are facts about addiction that are the same for everyone. Here areRead More

Reaching Milestones You Never Thought Were Possible

For those struggling with co-occurring disorders, special milestones can be bitter-sweet. Depression and addiction can strip you from imagining yourself in future situations. You may also question if you’ll ever reach the milestones those around you are celebrating. It’s important to remind yourself to just take each day as it comes, and not put tooRead More

Recovery Is a Choice

There are so many misconceptions regarding addiction and recovery in today’s society. These misconceptions usually come from someone who has little to no experience dealing with mental health or substance use issues. Don’t fall for myths from those who are not properly informed. Get your addiction and recovery information from our trustworthy team at VillaRead More