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Bring More Mindfulness And Meditation Into Your New Year

You need no more than 5 minutes of mindfulness and meditation to reap the innumerable rewards the practices provide. As you begin your new year, consider bringing more mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and enhance your well being mind, body, and spirit.

Download An App

Headspace is one of the most popular apps available for learning and cultivating a regular meditation practice. The beginner series lasts for three months, taking you through thirty day intervals to really master the basics of a mindfulness meditation. Purchase a subscription and you will have access to daily reminders for meditation, inspirational quotes, and an entire library of topic-specific meditation packages as well as single meditations. Every day, Headspace offers a unique meditation which only lasts 24 hours. Many other meditation apps exist with a library of offerings, perks, and bonuses. Having an app on your phone, which you likely check dozens of times a day, can remind you to spend a few minutes meditating and practicing mindfulness. If guided meditation is too much for you, there are apps like Pacifica which offer guided breathing and much more.

Set A Reminder

Most phones have a reminders app and an alarm app which allows you to set multiple alarms throughout the day. You can set reminders to tune into your senses, take a deep breath, take a long look around you, pay attention to your feet on the ground, do a progressive body scan or practice progressive muscle relaxation. There are dozens of ways to practice mindfulness and meditation. Remind yourself to do a few different practices throughout the day in short moments, rather than anticipate a long session of meditation once or twice a day.

Tune Into Your Breath

The most quick and easy way to practice mindfulness and meditation is by taking a few deep breaths. You can connect to a mindful moment at any moment just by focusing your attention on your breath as you inhale and as you exhale.

Make Mindfulness A Practice Outside Of Meditation

Sitting meditation is mindful and mindfulness is a meditation. However, mindfulness does not have to be exclusive to sitting meditation, or any other form of meditation. Mindfulness can be applied to everything you do every moment of the day as long as you pay attention, practice noticing, and become aware. Mindfulness can be applied to driving, eating, showering, walking, cooking, working, and so much more.

Find Meditation That Works For You

Meditation does not have to mean sitting cross legged and breathing deeply. Many different activities act as a meditation for people. Journaling, running, exercise, yoga, pilates, tai chi, dancing, and everything in between puts people in the zone, focused in their minds. Find the meditation practice which inspires you to turn inward and find peace.

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