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Building New Female Friendships In Recovery

Gender-specific treatment programs that offer women the opportunity to recover together creates a special chance for forming lifelong friendships.

What You Should Look For In Recovery Friendships:

  • Confidence: Women in recovery are often struggling in their confidence. Building a friendship in recovery doesn’t require that your new friend strut in blasting “Confident” by Demi Lovato. The kind of confidence you are looking for is the confidence you feel in them. Meaning, confidence that they are trustworthy, confidence that they are loyal, and confidence that they will be supportive of you. Too often, women maintain friendships with other women who make them feel less than and unfulfilled. Look to build friendships with women who want to build friendships.
  • Reliability: People demonstrate their reliability quite reliably in how reliable or not reliable they act. When you rely on someone and they don’t come through, pay attention. Women friendships are not perfect because women are not perfect people. However, the female friend who is consistently unreliable with you and with others will not likely change. She is typically used to getting away with excuses, lies, and manipulations to keep her reliability out of the forefront in conversations. We all need someone to lean on, as the famous song lyrics go. Be observant as you build female friendships to make sure the women you are choosing to lean on provide a sturdy foundation.
  • Versatility: Adaptation is not always a strong suit for those who have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addicts and alcoholics routinely practice the ‘serenity prayer’ which asks for serenity to accept the things which cannot be changed and the courage to change things which can be changed. Tried and true female friendships are versatile, adopting coping skills through the best of times and the worst of times.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty in a female friendship can be summed up in one simple phrase of wisdom: women who talk to you about others will talk about you to others. In the world of recovery, where anonymity is highly revered, loyalty is a precious commodity to come by.
  • Laughability: Often it is joked that the best of friends are those who will simultaneously laugh with you as well as laugh at you. What we don’t want in female friendships is someone who is unnecessarily mean or unkind. We should look for, however, a friend who knows who to bring us down to earth and practice “Rule 62” as it is called in recovery: not taking ourselves too seriously.


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