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Burnout can mean and look like different things for different people. Help Guide describes general burnout as “a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” They explain that burnout occurs when “you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. As stress continues, you begin to lose the interest and motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.” Energy and productivity begin to decrease as burnout gets worse. This can leave you feeling exhausted, helpless, and hopeless. The impacts of burnout often stretch to all areas of your life, not just the one specific area you feel burnt out from. If work is burning you out, your family and social life may begin to take a hit. Burnout can even make you vulnerable to sicknesses. Business Insider put together a list of 20 signs that you might be feeling burnt out at work. 

  1. Setting your alarm too early so that you can use the snooze button. If you keep hitting the snooze button, you might be dreading going to work.
  2. Being depleted after work. Before, you might have had the energy to complete tasks when you get home, but now you may be lacking that energy.
  3. Inconsistent sleep patterns. Sleeping too little and fretting over work can lead to burnout.
  4. Feeling liberated after a Friday at work. Once the weekend rolls around, you may find yourself feeling finally free.
  5. Explaining your job with ‘fine.’ One word answers or not wanting to talk about work can be a sign of burnout. 
  6. Constantly being asked about your feelings. People may begin to notice that you are struggling if you are feeling burnt out.
  7. Not spending time with co-workers. Avoiding co-workers because they are related to work can mean burnout.
  8. Living like a vampire. You might feel extra stress if you arrive early and stay late, leading to burnout.
  9. Dreading every Monday. Monday mornings are tough, but you shouldn’t be dreading them.
  10. Fantasizing about quitting. Wanting to move on from your current job can be a sign of burnout.
  11. Not wanting to explain your job to people. You might hate answering questions about work if you’re burnt out.
  12. Disregarding how you treat your co-workers or customers. Being burnt out might show through with how you treat people.
  13. Forgetting your last accomplishment at work. You might feel unsatisfied at work, meaning you’re burnt out.
  14. Constantly feeling overwhelmed. You shouldn’t feel like every moment is a chore.
  15. Rarely feeling like you’re progressing. A lack of progress can point to burnout.
  16. Being cynical. Cynicism can mean you are burnt out.
  17. Frequently losing your temper. Losing your temper may lead you to lash out at others at work.
  18. Over-complaining to your partner. Going beyond venting can be a sign that you’re burnt out.
  19. Dreading a new job search. You may anticipate future burnt out if you are currently burnt out.
  20. Noticing co-workers are hesitant around you. You might become challenging to work with if you are burnt out.

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