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Can Women Be Sex Addicts?

Even the sexualization of sex addiction is gendered. Women can become sex addicts as much as men can become sex addicts because addiction and mental illness of any kind do not discriminate. Sex addiction in women can pose many threats and inhibit a woman’s quality of life. When a woman becomes addicted to sex, she is really becoming addicted to coping with some kind of pain. Sex addiction may not be listed in the diagnostic manual, but it is a real issue for women all over the world. Like drug addiction, sex addiction includes impulsive behavioral issues, obsession, and a growing need for more. Commonly, women’s sex addiction is co-occurring with some kind of substance use disorder.

Problems in women’s sex addiction

Women’s sex addiction is different from men’s sex addiction as women might seek relationship over promiscuity. Women certainly can seek promiscuity and put themselves at risk when they do. For example, women may encounter problems in relationships by being chronically unfaithful. Promiscuity, especially when coupled with substance abuse, can lead to risky sexual behaviors, like engaging in sexual activity without protection. Women who become addicted to sex and sexual activity are at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases which can become long term health problems. For women specifically, regular unprotected sex holds a special risk: pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy can pose health threats for mind and body in women. Abortions, miscarriages, adoption, and postpartum depression are all threats to women’s mental health.

Sexual impulsivity and sexuality

Sex addiction has little to do with sexuality. Women who become addicted to sex are not typically addicted to the pleasure of sex in any hedonistic way. Instead, women become addicted to the process of sex rather than the sex itself. Many sex addicts lose the ability to gain any pleasure from sexual activities, much in the same way that drug addicts stop getting high off their drug of choice. Women are addicted to their impulsive behaviors, which happen to revolve around sex. Some professionals have argued that sex addiction is less of an addiction and more of an impulse behavior issue.

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