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Can Women Prevent Addiction?

We all know addiction is a harsh reality and for many of us, prevention is no longer a possibility. For those that haven’t yet discovered how treacherous addiction can be, is there a way to prevent addiction from grasping onto yet another life? Is there some precaution that can be taken or some knowledge that can be shared to spare a soul from the inevitable pain and dissolution caused by addiction? Research shows that while there is no one sure way to prevent addiction, there are things women can do to minimize the risks.

Beginning during our youth, we can participate in early screening and detection processes. We can continue to stay loyal to these regular screenings throughout adolescence. The idea here is that if signs of addiction are noticed earlier, the likelihood of detecting the problem and addressing it increases largely. Some of these screenings are currently available with primary care physicians, and some services are available in schools. Parents need to encourage their children to stay involved with the programs to ensure early detection of signs and symptoms that lead to addiction. While this alone may not eliminate addiction, it has the power to create a positive impact on the problem.

From a societal perspective, experts say there are some steps the government can collectively take to reduce addiction problems before they begin. Some suggest raising taxes on alcohol and tobacco products decreases the availability of these substances. Other experts believe we need to decrease advertising for these products, specifically the advertisements that are most appealing to the younger audience. All of these efforts could have a significant impact on the levels of addiction throughout society.

Don’t let your life be ruled by addiction. Life is too short to waste even one more moment as a slave to illicit drugs, alcohol, or whatever specific poison tugs at your heart. Professional help is the best way to maximize your chance at a successful recovery. You deserve a life of sobriety.

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