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Understanding What Recovery Means

There are many types of recovery but the overarching textbook definition is: restoration to a better, former, or healthier state from sickness. Even though there’s a lot of overlap between different recovery programs, we will focus on what recovery means for someone battling substance addiction here. According to the National Survey on Drug Use andRead More

Emotions and Early Recovery

Congratulations on making your first step in recovery and deciding to get help! For some people, early recovery is a difficult and confusing time with extreme highs and lows. While it may seem impossible to handle at first, know that the emotional roller coaster will eventually stop and stabilize. We understand this part of theRead More

The “Am I an Alcoholic” Question

Alcohol is everywhere—it is embedded in our social life and is part of connecting with others. This “acceptance” of drinking is the reason why it may be difficult to determine whether someone simply drank too much or has a drinking problem. We understand if you are still questioning whether you have a problem, after all,Read More

Mindfulness and Addiction

While the term “mindfulness” may be new to you, it is important to note that people have been practicing it for thousands of years. Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment and paying attention to our thoughts, physical feelings, and environment without judging what is happening. Cultivating this present moment awareness takesRead More

Fear and Addiction Tie Together

Fear is a common emotion and has a useful purpose of helping us respond to potentially dangerous situations. Too much or too little fear may have serious consequences on either side of the spectrum. Did you know that fear is a factor in addiction? That may or may not surprise you. We have found thatRead More

Remember Just for Today

At the beginning of almost every recovery story lies the fear of never using again. Recovery from addiction is an ongoing process taken step-by-step, or as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, one day at at time. While it may feel impossible to achieve and maintain sobriety, remember that any big goal is accomplished in small,Read More

Can Women Prevent Addiction?

We all know addiction is a harsh reality and for many of us, prevention is no longer a possibility. For those that haven’t yet discovered how treacherous addiction can be, is there a way to prevent addiction from grasping onto yet another life? Is there some precaution that can be taken or some knowledge thatRead More

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

There is a myriad of theories that discuss the potential causes of addiction. While there is no answer with absolute certainty, there is a definitive correlation between addiction and trauma. Does this mean trauma causes addiction? Not necessarily. What it does say, though, is that even though the nature of the relationship between trauma andRead More

The Deadliest Time for Mothers

There is one time in a woman’s life that is without a doubt potentially the deadliest time of their life. For those of us that opt to take the enormous leap of faith into motherhood, that tremulous time is the first year after giving birth to a child. While this is also an incredibly joyousRead More

Dealing with Addiction as a Young Woman

Addiction effects women of all ages. There is no point at which women “grow out of” their addictions when they reach a certain age. There is no minimum age for addiction, either. Unfortunately, addiction can become a reality for women of all ages. Each age group deals with addiction differently and is affected by itRead More