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What type of Detox Program is Right for me?

Detoxification is the process your body goes through to rid itself of the toxins and chemicals stored in your body after an extended period of substance or alcohol abuse. When a person has habitually abused drugs or alcohol, their body is dependent on that substance to function. When the user removes the substance, they mayRead More

Expectations and Recovery

An important component of any successful recovery deals with the individual’s expectations. When you decided to get help for the addiction issues in your life, you had at least a vague idea of what you thought your recovery would look like. Maybe it was as simple as knowing that you will no longer have daysRead More

Addiction Treatment and Finances

The decision to seek treatment is monumental to say the very least. You chose life. You chose sobriety. You chose health. You chose YOU. That is something to be extremely proud of. Now, this is where the rubber meets the road, as the saying goes. You have done your research, and you know what typeRead More

Cravings…What do They Mean and How can I Prevent Them?

Cravings are a part of recovery. They happen. They don’t mean you are going to relapse and they don’t say you are doing anything wrong in your recovery. They are a natural part of recovery, but there are ways to minimize the effects of cravings on your mind and your body. The holidays are excitingRead More

5 Ways to Curb Christmas Cravings

Christmas is a holiday of joy, gratitude, family, and friends. It is also a time of parties and festivities. Sometimes these events can create uncomfortable situations complete with triggers and cravings. Being in recovery shouldn’t mean you have to turn down the invites to social events and holiday get-togethers. Be prepared for the holidays withRead More

5 Common Recovery Myths

Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything these days. In our world of social media and advancing technology, information is readily available, but not always accurate. When it comes to understanding recovery, starting with credible information is the best way to begin. Below are five common myths about addiction recovery. 1. You will getRead More

Instant Gratification and Addiction

Many of us that are no stranger to addiction are also quite familiar with the strong desire for instant gratification. That impulse to have what you want right now, not a moment later, is part of what makes drugs and alcohol so appealing. Feeling anxious or depressed? A sip or a snort and in aRead More

Selecting the Right Therapist for You

Finding an addiction therapist doesn’t need to be overly complicated. There are two main ways to discover potential addiction therapists in your area. First, you can ask for a referral. You can speak with your primary care doctor, and they will likely offer you a few names of local professionals. This is a great placeRead More

Marijuana Use in Addiction Treatment

Marijuana has been a controversial topic in the media for quite some time, now. Discussions of legalizing the substance, using it for medical purposes, and the regulation of growth and distribution of marijuana are regular discussions in today’s news. However, recent studies have put marijuana in the spotlight for yet another reason. Experts say marijuanaRead More

5 Ways to Cut Cravings

Everyone has a weak moment when it comes to cravings. Acknowledging cravings is an integral part of a healthy recovery. Cravings are a completely natural part of the recovery process. Your body or your mind may crave a drink or a snort or any other type of addictive behavior. This doesn’t mean you are failingRead More