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What Are The 7 C’s Of Addiction?

Addiction impacts everyone and no one is immune. The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) has many resources for the children that are impacted by their parents’ drinking. The NACoA wants children to know that their parents’ drinking is not their fault. They want children to feel safe and be hopeful, regardless of theirRead More

The “Am I an Alcoholic” Question

Alcohol is everywhere—it is embedded in our social life and is part of connecting with others. This “acceptance” of drinking is the reason why it may be difficult to determine whether someone simply drank too much or has a drinking problem. We understand if you are still questioning whether you have a problem, after all,Read More

Women and Alcoholism – Scary Changes

For decades, when we thought about alcoholism, we thought of men. Generally speaking, men of all ages. We hear stories about the drunken teenage boys causing trouble on the weekends and the older men that become regulars at the local bar each night after work. What we don’t always hear about are the women thatRead More

Recovery…The New Me

For many, addiction quickly becomes a part of your identity. You often associate with others that are doing drugs or abusing alcohol and are making many of the same life choices that you are at that time. The places you go, the things you do, and even your appearance all become inexplicably linked to yourRead More

Raising a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Parenting is challenging. Parenting a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a challenge all its own. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a spectrum disorder and affects children differently. Parenting a child with FAS is best described as a journey. There are ups and downs along this journey and parts of the journey may feel unbearable.Read More

Does Alcohol Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

For many years, research was inconclusive, leaving experts perplexed as to a potential link between alcohol use and breast cancer. Recently, many researchers have made this a primary focus of studies and experiments. The results are disturbing. As little as one glass of beer or wine per day does increase the risk of breast cancerRead More

The Link Between Heavy Drinking and Dementia

For decades, researchers speculated that heavy drinking had some relationship with the onset of dementia, but there was no concrete evidence to support this theory. However, recent studies prove that people that drink more than five beers in one sitting or consume an entire bottle of wine are there times more likely to develop dementiaRead More

Alcoholism in the Military

The expectations of those in the Military can be extremely high, especially for women. With these high expectations come extreme levels of stress and in many cases anxiety. Given the sometimes-rigid schedules and demanding requirements, the Military has experienced a significant increase in the number of substance abuse problems seen on an annual basis. WhileRead More

Sober Parenting

Addiction can be detrimental to a family. This is even more worrisome when the person dealing directly with the addiction is a parent. Addiction can cause the children to feel higher than healthy levels of anxiety and stress. Things like homework, school functions, and even daily interaction can seem daunting to a child whose parentRead More

How Much Alcohol is Healthy?

Now, this is a loaded question! There are many opinions on this, and a variety of research has been done with varying results. However, there are a few commonalities. In the United States, moderate drinking for a woman is considered to be one drink per day. A drink can be defined as a 12-ounce beer,Read More