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Environmental Factors of Addiction

We may not know precisely what causes addiction, but we do know that the environment a person is exposed to effects their likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Your environment affects your attitude, your beliefs, and who you are at the very core of your being. As an example, consider a child growingRead More

Living a Life of Purpose

A life of purpose means something different to each of us. For some of us, a life of purpose is caring for and providing for our families. For others, it means to spend the bulk of their time in service to people that are in need. A life of purpose could also mean staying trueRead More

Blame and Addiction

For many of us, there were reasons that we started using drugs or began drinking heavily. Maybe it was just for fun or possibly to fit in with the “cool” crowd. Perhaps it was to numb the pain of an abusive relationship or debilitating depression or anxiety. We all have our “why” when it comesRead More

Dating in Recovery

Countless articles, television shows, novels, and blog posts have been dedicated to the topic of dating. Topics cover everything from what not to say to what to wear on your first date. With so much emphasis on dating, the idea of dating when in recovery can be a controversial conversation. Like many other topics, everyoneRead More

Creating a Positive Circle

You’ve likely heard the expression that says you are probably going to become the average of the five people you hang around most often. For some of us, that is a scary thought! Take a moment and really consider who you spend the most time with each day. Is it the coworker that sits inRead More

Don’t Underestimate Gratitude

Research shows that those who express more significant levels of gratitude live longer, more fulfilled lives. Stress levels decrease, anxiety lessens, and the ability to concentrate and focus both increases. For someone in recovery, an uncomplicated, easily accessible strategy to relax, improve mood, and find joy is immensely important. Gratitude can do all of thoseRead More

The Benefits of Sunlight

Our bodies obtain the necessary minerals and vitamins in a wide variety of ways. One such method that is often overlooked is through the sun. The sun provides a wide range of healing benefits. Some of these benefits are even more valuable to those of us in recovery. In fact, using the sun’s natural benefitsRead More

Are your Friends Helping or Hurting?

A popular, and quite relevant, expression refers to the concept that you become the aggregate of the five people you spend the most time with throughout your life. Take a moment to consider the magnitude of this statement. We all have hopes, dreams, and goals. Many of us spend much of our time trying toRead More

Making Yourself a Priority

One of the most difficult things for some people to do is to commit to themselves and make a commitment to taking care of themselves both physically and mentally. Recovery is a process, not something you check off of your To Do list. Because it is a process, it is essential that you make yourRead More

The Benefits of Change

Change can be scary! This is something we all know and have all experienced at some point in our lives. It is completely and utterly normal and even expected that we fear change during the tough times in our lives. Consider though that all of the amazing times in your life were likely the productRead More