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Connect With Yourself Through the Written Word

The transformation you go through when you are working on your sobriety may leave you feeling like a new person. Armed with healthy coping skills and a new outlook on life as you leave treatment, you might not recognize your old self if you run into her. While this transformation is a great thing, itRead More

Resolving Conflicts Within Relationships

No relationship is free from conflict. Whether it be a relationship with a partner or friend, there will be times when disagreements arise. As hard as you try to be thoughtful and genuinely kind, there will be times when feelings get hurt because of words said (or unsaid) or actions taken (or not taken). TheRead More

Grow From What You Go Through

We know that there is no one “right” way to treat someone dealing with substance abuse. Treatment should be tailored to the client’s individual needs. Some women find that they benefit more from individual talk therapy than group therapy. Others find relief and a sense of camaraderie in a group setting. Each woman that comesRead More

Coping With Curveballs

Life likes to throw us curveballs when it thinks we’re getting a little bit too comfortable. We get used to things happening one way and we can get a bit complacent. We expect to crush a fastball but, at the last second, the ball goes the other way. We weren’t ready for that curveball! InRead More

Stop Juggling and Be Mindful

As women, we are often masters at juggling our responsibilities. We are such masters, in fact, that others take notice, marvel at our skills, and begin tossing us object after object. The problem is that we were juggling four objects to begin with. Now that they tossed a fifth and sixth object into the mix,Read More

Live Substance-Free

If you’re thinking about living substance-free, you’ve come to the right place. Villa Tranquil is here to help you change your life for the better. We understand that recovery is a life-long journey, which is why we want to help you slow down and be aware of how your actions today are going to impactRead More

The Upsides of Downtime

Our lives are so busy that we often wind up feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that we want or need to. You may even push your recovery to the back burner so that you can work overtime to complete that task for work or school. Your recovery, however,Read More

Finding Peace From Within

Finding peace within yourself is an important step in your recovery journey. You must learn to look inward, making note of the things you are doing well and the things that need more work. Developing a true self in recovery is necessary. Without knowing who you are, the path to recovery is unclear. Continue readingRead More

Positive Affirmations

We all have words we hold close to our hearts, words we use as fuel, words we live by. Occasionally, these words may not all be positive. We may go through our day inundated with negativity without even realizing it or giving it a second thought. We must be intentional with what we are tellingRead More

How Journaling Can Help During Your Recovery

Journaling is beneficial for so many areas of life, but it can be especially useful during your recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder. Oftentimes we have so many thoughts running through our heads. It can be difficult to keep track of them all, let alone decide which ones are healthy and keepers,Read More