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Forgive Yourself

We recently talked about how perfection in recovery is not attainable. In order to succeed in recovery, you’re going to have to work on forgiving yourself. Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean holding your breath and rushing through your troubles, then gasping for air when you can’t possibly push anymore. Self-forgiveness is about love and acceptance. It’sRead More

To Be Human Is to Be Flawed

News flash: no one is perfect! The truth of the matter is that to be human is to be flawed. Pretending that you can be perfect is putting unnecessary stress on yourself. You’re not alone in feeling like you have to be perfect. It is humanly impossible to be perfect, though! Villa Tranquil Recovery isRead More

Small Steps Toward Habits, Intentions, and Goals

Taking small steps toward your larger goals includes creating habits and setting intentions. These small steps, coupled with a sense of calm, can help you reach heights you never thought were possible. You can’t rush toward your goals; goals take time and effort to achieve. Villa Tranquil Recovery encourages you to slow down and enjoyRead More

Intuition Is Powerful

Intuition is that feeling you get in your gut when things aren’t quite going right. Your intuition can guide you during a difficult moment or help give you the faith to take a difficult, yet rewarding, leap. “Your intuition is a powerful and loyal companion that’s with you every step of your journey, guiding, advisingRead More

Kindness Matters

“Kindness matters” is a phrase often seen on a magnet attached to the back of someone’s car. This reminder may have you second-guess honking your horn if the person cuts you off. You probably see it and soon forget it, though. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you operate on kindness, thinking that everyone should beRead More

The Power of Exercise

Exercise is known to be good for your physical health, but did you know it can work wonders for your mental health? Simple exercise—walking, biking, swimming—are “proven mood boosters” says Jamie Ducharme, writer for TIME Magazine. Continue reading to learn more about the power of exercise and how you can implement it in your recovery.Read More

Understanding Your Mind

“You spend your life just an inch from madness,” declares Jeffrey Kluger, author for TIME Magazine. You know when you are physically injured, but the line is hazier when it’s a mental illness. It’s difficult to see in the moment, admits Kluger. “At what point does joy become mania, sadness become depression, apprehension become anxiety,Read More

Create: Setting Intentions

Making changes to our lifestyle can be a difficult thing, even if they aren’t humongous changes. You should focus on making small changes every day that will further your recovery and keep you on track. Make decisions each and every day that will make you a healthier and happier person. Remember: you dictate your recovery,Read More

Grow: Getting Things Done

“Face your to-do list and take back control,” urges Harriet Griffey, author of “Get things done,” for Wellness Journal magazine. Too often, we sit back and procrastinate on the things we should be working hard at. It’s easy to make ourselves look busy, Griffey says, when in reality, we aren’t doing much of anything. ContinueRead More

Grow: Accept The Challenge

“Setting yourself a goal can often be daunting, but taking small steps towards a bigger achievement is good for the soul,” says Rebecca Hanmer, author of “Challenge accepted” for Wellness Journal magazine. Once you set a goal for yourself, you must dive head-first into the deep end! We know this can be scary, but you’veRead More