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Relapse and Overdose

It’s no secret that with recovery often comes relapse. Relapse doesn’t equal failure. It is generally a sign that whatever you are currently doing to support your recovery journey isn’t quite the right path for you. It may mean you need additional mentoring, a meeting to attend on a regular basis, or an opportunity toRead More

Living a Life of Purpose

A life of purpose means something different to each of us. For some of us, a life of purpose is caring for and providing for our families. For others, it means to spend the bulk of their time in service to people that are in need. A life of purpose could also mean staying trueRead More

Finding Self-Worth in Recovery

For some, abusing drugs and alcohol is a way of life. They have been using for so long that they can hardly even remember who they were before drugs and alcohol abuse. Sometimes their entire persona is wrapped up in partying and getting drunk or high. When those things are suddenly gone, it is notRead More

Dating in Recovery

Countless articles, television shows, novels, and blog posts have been dedicated to the topic of dating. Topics cover everything from what not to say to what to wear on your first date. With so much emphasis on dating, the idea of dating when in recovery can be a controversial conversation. Like many other topics, everyoneRead More

Loneliness and Addiction

Addiction can take over your life. What sometimes begins with just something you occasionally do can quickly turn into something that controls your every action and influences all of your decisions. When this happens, you may turn your back on the people in your life that love you the most. They want what is bestRead More

New Year’s Resolutions – Yay or Nay?

This time of year brings about many things. The holidays are over, and things begin to settle down. You may find yourself falling back into your comfortable routine. While the holidays are enjoyable and special, there is often a feeling of relief when they pass, and your life goes back to normal. However, with theRead More

Creating a Positive Circle

You’ve likely heard the expression that says you are probably going to become the average of the five people you hang around most often. For some of us, that is a scary thought! Take a moment and really consider who you spend the most time with each day. Is it the coworker that sits inRead More

Recovery…The New Me

For many, addiction quickly becomes a part of your identity. You often associate with others that are doing drugs or abusing alcohol and are making many of the same life choices that you are at that time. The places you go, the things you do, and even your appearance all become inexplicably linked to yourRead More

Expectations and Recovery

An important component of any successful recovery deals with the individual’s expectations. When you decided to get help for the addiction issues in your life, you had at least a vague idea of what you thought your recovery would look like. Maybe it was as simple as knowing that you will no longer have daysRead More

Cravings…What do They Mean and How can I Prevent Them?

Cravings are a part of recovery. They happen. They don’t mean you are going to relapse and they don’t say you are doing anything wrong in your recovery. They are a natural part of recovery, but there are ways to minimize the effects of cravings on your mind and your body. The holidays are excitingRead More