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Sustaining Your Sobriety in Good Times and in Bad Times

Sobriety isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. You don’t get a life free from challenges the moment you commit to a sober lifestyle. Sobriety is something that you must work toward every day. It’s a conscious decision to live each moment substance-free. You may not be able to avoid obstacles, but you can use theseRead More

That’s Life

When something goes wrong and you turn to someone for guidance, you may be feeling discouraged if they respond with a comment of “that’s life.” This expression is usually used when someone is tired of hearing about the sadness and frustration you’re expressing and they don’t know what to say. Villa Tranquil Recovery wants toRead More

Dealing With Loneliness

“People have never had so many ways to connect, yet more and more of us feel disconnected,” says Markham Heid, author of “The Loneliness Epidemic” for TIME Magazine. This can be especially the case for those who are dealing with mental illnesses or addictions which drive them to isolate. Continue reading to learn more aboutRead More

Grow: Accept The Challenge

“Setting yourself a goal can often be daunting, but taking small steps towards a bigger achievement is good for the soul,” says Rebecca Hanmer, author of “Challenge accepted” for Wellness Journal magazine. Once you set a goal for yourself, you must dive head-first into the deep end! We know this can be scary, but you’veRead More

Relax: Finding A Balance

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. It’s part of being human. In her article, “When it’s all too much,” Wellness Journal magazine author Harriet Griffey urges women who are feeling overwhelmed to “take a moment to reflect and you’ll soon be back on track.” Griffey goes on to explain, “However organized we are, there are timesRead More

Move: Incorporating the Outdoors Into Your Recovery

There’s no shortage of things to do outdoors. Today, Villa Tranquil Recovery is going to focus on three things you can do outside to boost your recovery: walking, swimming, and cycling. Not only can you make each of these activities a workout, but they can also be manipulated into light or heavy exercise depending onRead More

Sleep: How to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Getting enough restful sleep can be a difficult thing to achieve when we have a busy schedule. However, we must carve out time dedicated to rest and sleep in order to ensure efficient and effective functioning throughout our days. Sleep is delicate. Here are a few tips from Wellness Journal magazine to help you getRead More

Getting Through The Holidays

For those with an addiction or co-occurring mental illness, getting through the holidays can be a hard thing to get through. The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration. For many, though, the holidays are a reminder of an addiction or mental health struggle. Alcohol is most likely present at familyRead More

Inner Critic Or Inner Coach: Which One Should I Nurture?

Our self-talk is an important thing that we need to consciously work on. Most people, however, do not. They go about their day and let their thoughts, good or bad, flow freely without giving it a second consideration. It’s time we put a bit more focus on what we tell ourselves. It takes effort toRead More

Sober Living Versus IOP

Once you have decided to reach out for help, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed looking for the right program for you. There are so many options out there — where do you begin? At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we offer just the right programs. We have a program for you that will be aRead More