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What is Emotional Sobriety?

“Emotional sobriety” parallels the physical recovery of addiction but may not be fully understood by many. This concept is used in all areas of recovery, but it was coined and is a key concept in Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA). In AA, they teach that abstinence from a substance is not enough to achieve long-term sobriety. InRead More

Sobriety Doesn’t Have to be Boring

For many of us dealing with addiction, much of our past lives were centered on finding our next fix or drinking enough to dull whatever emotional insecurities we had experienced. As an addiction becomes more and more severe, it often becomes hugely time-consuming. Your priorities shift to drugs and alcohol and move away from thingsRead More

Safety in Numbers

Loneliness can magnify issues with addiction. Pain and ghosts from the past that led your way to drugs or alcohol can easily reemerge when you feel alone. In fact, this can be such a problem for those in the early stages of recovery and even later, that the buddy system is a common strategy forRead More

Tips for Ringing in the New Year Sober

New Year’s Eve can be a difficult holiday in that the festivities often involve parties which may include alcohol, drugor other problematic activities for those of us in recovery. Especially if this is your first sober New Year’s, you may find some apprehension about the upcoming New Year. Here are some helpful tips to ensureRead More

Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means different things to everyone. Turkey, gravy, gratitude, and loved ones. In some parts of the country, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the most profitable nights of the year for the bar scene. That means that for some people, Thanksgiving means a nasty hangover. For those dealing with addiction, it could alsoRead More