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What Does Proper Treatment Look Like?

Treatment and recovery are different for everybody. There is no one cure-all when it comes to addiction recovery. Treatment should be individualized for each and every patient in recovery. Effective treatment must also be tailored to not only the addiction, but to other needs the patient has, such as depression or anxiety. Even for oneRead More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Dialectical Behavior Therapy

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts,” according to Psychology Today. “CBT focuses on solutions, encouraging patients to challenge distorted cognitions and change destructive patterns of behavior.” The CBT employed in talk therapy uncovers the patterns of thought a patientRead More

The Twelve Steps, Explained

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping people stay sober for more than 80 years! The foundation of AA focuses on community, service, and the 12-Steps of recovery. You may be thinking to yourself: what are these 12 steps? Great question! The 12-Steps of AA is the spiritual foundation for recovery from addiction. While the steps areRead More

Alternatives to a 12-Step Recovery

While most recovery programs use the 12-steps emphatically as part of a treatment plan, there are several alternatives to this traditional approach. A recovery program is essential to your success in sobriety. Choosing the right one for you is critical and we are here to help you.   You may be asking why do mostRead More

Supportive Addiction Treatment – Why it Works for Women

There are many types of treatment when battling addiction. Treatment plans vary depending on the specific type of addiction as well as the person’s individual needs and circumstances. The duration of the addiction and the depth of the habitual patterns are all considerations when determining what type of treatment will be most useful for theRead More

Expressive Arts Therapy – Is it for You?

One reason therapy is a necessary component of addiction recovery is the need to have a way in which you can express yourself in a positive manner. When in recovery, women need an avenue to prompt that expression that will build confidence, inspire, and rejuvenate both the mind and the body. One such means ofRead More

Which Recovery Facility is Right for Me?

Once you’ve made the decision to get treatment for your addiction, the next step is critical. You need to determine which recovery facility to work with to get you the help you need. When you have opted for an inpatient program, you need to find a facility that is the right fit for your needs.Read More

Behavioral Therapy for Addiction

There are many different types of therapy for those of us dealing with addiction. How will you know what is right for you? Sometimes it just comes down to trial and error, while other times a bit of research can give you an excellent idea of how a particular therapy works and whether it mightRead More

What type of Detox Program is Right for me?

Detoxification is the process your body goes through to rid itself of the toxins and chemicals stored in your body after an extended period of substance or alcohol abuse. When a person has habitually abused drugs or alcohol, their body is dependent on that substance to function. When the user removes the substance, they mayRead More