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Social Media and Addiction

Your neighbor bought a new car. Your ex-husband is dating a gorgeous blonde at least 15 years younger than you. Your rival in high school was just promoted. Your sister ran another marathon. Your sexy but perpetually unemployed ex-boyfriend just landed his dream job making six figures. Scrolling through FaceBook, you read all of thisRead More

Dealing with Chronic Pain

Life throws some major curveballs. Pain is a big one. While pain isn’t always a bad thing, as it does serve the purpose of protecting an individual’s body in a biological sense, it tends to make everything seem a little bit (or a lot!) harder to handle. Chronic pain refers to any pain that lastsRead More

Are You Dealing With A Stalker?

The life of a woman is often one of trauma. Women are objectified, sexualized, commodified, worshipped, hated, adored, and abused. The trauma women face in their lifetime can have tremendous effect, which they cannot always handle. Women struggle with mental illness in response to trauma and turn to mind altering substances like drugs or alcoholRead More