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How Do I Talk To My Young Adult About Alcohol?

Young adults have their whole lives in front of them. They also are experiencing many changes in their lives. From going off to college, getting jobs, and crafting new relationships, young adults have a lot to deal with. They are also very impressionable. For some young adults, this new time away from home is theRead More

Talking To A Loved One About Suicide

We know that suicide can be a scary topic to discuss. Oftentimes, people think that asking about suicide can “plant the seed.” This isn’t true. If you think someone is struggling, you must start the conversation. It’s vital to ask someone if they are struggling and thinking of hurting themselves. It may be scary, butRead More

Different Types Of People In Recovery

Recovery can be a difficult thing to define. Those in recovery and those who are not in recovery probably have two very different definitions of recovery. Even those in recovery may have a different definition than those sitting next to them, depending on their race, gender, sexual orientation, location, and status. Different cultures view thingsRead More

Grounding Techniques to Apply to Your Life

Grounding techniques can be extremely effective for individuals who deal with anxiety or other intense emotions. Grounding is a way to cope with your thoughts and feelings by connecting yourself with the present. This is powerful because during anxiety or dissociation’s, individuals deal with traumatic flashbacks. Grounding techniques help to refocus our thoughts to theRead More

From Comfort to Growth

We often stay in our comfort zone because, well, it’s comfortable — but is comfort good for us? While yes, we feel safe and in control in our comfort zones, we don’t grow there. We don’t push ourselves to learn more and be better and truly grow. Comfort and growth are mutually exclusive. We tradeRead More

Practicing Active Listening

Active listening may seem redundant because listening requires your active attention. However, many people who are engaging in a conversation are not practicing the technique of active listening. Active listening requires concentration on what the other person is saying, not just merely hearing what’s being said. Active listening requires your full attention. If you aren’tRead More

The Hierarchy Of Recovery

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is not unknown to most people. Many of us have learned about Maslow’s pyramid in school. If you haven’t, here’s a quick overview: Maslow believed that before an individual can get any need met, they must first have their physiological needs met. These physiological needs include food, water, shelter, andRead More

Substance Use Disorder Diagnostic Criteria

When a medical professional is looking at diagnosing someone with a substance use disorder, they must look at certain criteria set forth by Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). This is where you can go to learn about any mental illness. The Fifth Edition of the DSM was releasedRead More

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Research Institute describes the recovery-oriented systems of care as “an organizing paradigm for addressing substance use disorders through a supportive network of individual and societal factors.” This is able to describe the many factors that both, directly and indirectly, impact recovery from a substance use disorder. Recovery Research Institute splits these factors up intoRead More