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Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure to Look Cool

For many young adults, peer pressure is a very real thing that makes them want to engage in certain activities to look cool. Peer pressure can come from people you hang out with, but can also come from media. Substance use is portrayed in movies, television shows, and commercials as something cool to engage in.Read More

How You Talk To Yourself Matters

How you talk to yourself matters. Negative self-talk can ruin your whole mindset for the day. Your mental health is dependent on the words you feed your brain. The way you frame your thoughts can impact your mood and decisions. Just think: Would you talk to your 8-year-old self the way you’re talking to yourselfRead More


Self-love is something that we all struggle with. No matter how hard we try, we don’t love ourselves all of the time. We do the wrong thing, and we make mistakes. The key to self-love is loving yourself even when you’ve made mistakes. No one is perfect, but self-love is about learning to love yourselfRead More

Is What I’m Feeling An Actual Disorder?

Diagnostic criteria are what treating professionals look at when a client comes to them for treatment. To have a mental illness, an individual must meet the diagnostic criteria. Similarly, one could be having a few symptoms but not meet the criteria for the actual disorder. This is often the case with common feelings of anxiety.Read More

How to Self Soothe

For people who identify as introverts or empaths, there is so much stress that goes along with going with the flow. Stressful situations may seem like you must exert so much energy, but you’re still feeling the negative effects of the stress. Even if you aren’t an introvert or empath, self-soothing thoughts can be extremelyRead More

What To Do When You’ve Said The Wrong Thing

There are so many things you can say that can be hurtful to someone dealing with a mental illness or addiction. It may seem like there’s more that could be said wrong that what’s right to say. There are words you should avoid so that you are not stigmatizing those that are struggling. What youRead More

Common Signs Of Anxiety

40 million American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It is so much more common than most people think. Not every bout of anxiety is a disorder, though. Anxiety, in general, is something that everyone deals with. Most people learn how to adequately deal with the anxietyRead More

How Do I Identify A Drug Overdose?

Substance use disorders can wreak havoc on users, especially during the holiday time. Some people who use may have made a resolution to stop using. While you should encourage them and their resolution, it’s important to also know that relapses do happen to those trying to stop using. A relapse isn’t a sign of failure;Read More