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Celebrate Other Women’s Accomplishments

Women share an intimate and sacred sisterhood with one another. The solidarity and connection among women is unlike any other relationship in the world. Women today are rising up and supporting one another with empowerment, empathy, and compassion. Women are also still engaging in centuries old behavior. Women are hurting, harming, and bringing down other women through judgment, gossip, criticism, and selfish behaviors. When women accomplish something in their lives, other women act selfishly, focusing on their own lack of accomplishment instead of celebrating the accomplishment of a fellow woman. For women in recovery, this is a dangerous behavior. Every single day in sobriety, women are making great strides and need their sisterhood of fellow recovering women to support them, as well as cheer them on. When women tear down other women, it creates a risk for relapse. If a woman cannot be supported by other women in her recovery, she is at risk for feeling even more isolated and alone than she did in her addiction.

Why We Need To Lift Each Other Up As Women In Recovery

Caroline Miller, MAPP, wrote a piece for Happify Daily in which she extensively contemplates why it is women tear each other down and how to solve the problem. “How Women Can Fight the Apathy of Silence and Envy” looks at all the possible reasons why women act in envy against each other instead of admiration toward each other. Miller argues that women should make a habit of celebrating other women’s accomplishments. “When women come together in positive, helpful ways and feel securely connected, they experience the release of oxytocin,” Miller writes. Oxytocin is sometimes called the love hormone, the kissing hormone, or the ‘cuddle’ hormone. It is the hormone which releases warm and fuzzy feelings which makes us feel comfortable and safe. Miller cites a famous research study from UCLA which “discovered that women need to take care of, and be in relationship with, other women”.

How To Move From Envy To Encouragement

When a fellow female accomplishes something in her sobriety, check in with yourself from a mindful place. Don’t put any of the harsh judgments you put on other women on yourself. Allow yourself to openly and honestly take a look at what comes up. Are you envious? Do you have an urge to say something negative about her or her accomplishment in order to make yourself feel better? Do you have any beliefs about yourself in which you are making comparisons? Are those beliefs and comparisons realistic or do they come from years of programming? Once you have made a mindful, nonjudgmental assessment, start making decisions. How would you want other women to show up for you? How do you want to show up as a women for other women right now? Break through your habits and find happiness. See your fellow woman’s accomplishment not as competition, but as a celebration, as if it were a landmark for all womankind- because it is.

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