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Celebrating Summer with Sobriety

If you are new to recovery, the thought of summer may be overwhelming or stressful. For many women dealing with addiction, in the past summer meant parties, drinking, and maybe drug use. Looking at summer through the eyes of sobriety, you may be left wondering what will you do? How will you enjoy yourself? Are you destined to be bored and left out while everyone you know is enjoying the summer sun?

Have no fear, sobriety can bring you to an amazing realization: Life is worth living, and remembering every moment! Now sober, your level of awareness will increase, your emotional understanding will develop, and your appreciation and gratitude will swell. Your newfound sobriety means health, strength, and longevity. Also remember that recovery is more than just resisting the temptation and allure of drugs and alcohol. Recovery is not about merely surviving, but it is about thriving in your life. It is about consistently making choices that improve the quality of your life and the relationships in your life.

In order to commit to your recovery and stay true to your treatment plan and goals, you must find a way to create a life in recovery that is more fulfilling, more exciting, and more amazing than you ever thought possible.

Summer Fun

Consider planning travel that encourages your new sobriety and healthy lifestyle will bringing you new experiences and people. Look for activities and locations that provide minimal temptations and triggers and instead emphasize your recovery. Through practice and repetition, making the right choices will become natural and will feel right. For now, if you struggle, reach out to your support system and remember that you are fully capable of making the right decisions and you own your recovery.

Staying home for the summer? Plan activities with friends and family that focus on healthy choices. Think about swimming or fishing. Consider joining a club that puts you in the same room as others that share your interests. Remember that sobriety isn’t boring if you make it exciting. It is all up to you, as it is your recovery.

Recovery doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach, take a vacation, go to a concert, or participate in other hobbies that you once enjoyed. It simply means you must be prepared, have a plan of action, and keep yourself out of potentially negative situations.

Women between the ages of 18-65 are welcome to join our community and sisterhood at Villa Tranquil Recovery. Come spend time in our beautiful home located in Jupiter Farms, Florida after your primary care treatment program. For information, call:  214-799-3080