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Checking in with Your Perspective

When your perspective is off, all sorts of negative messages can come streaming in from “the committee” in your head. The committee is made up of judges who can really give you a hard time. Let’s say you have a family wedding you want to attend. Your favorite cousin is getting married, and she lives on the other side of the country from you. The trouble is, it’s the busy season at work and the company frowns on taking off time during this period. You make the decision to attend the wedding anyway. It’s really important. It’s family. It’s about showing up. Most important, it’s about love.

Your boss signs the form, but from that point on you begin to fret. You worry you’ll get a bad review. You worry your colleagues will think you are letting them down. With all this worry swirling around inside you, your sleep begins to suffer. It’s time to buy the airplane tickets, but you’re afraid—you don’t want to lose your job or the trust of your colleagues. Then your committee throws out one more bombshell—how are you going to cope on the airplane and amongst all that drinking at the wedding?

Losing perspective is natural, especially when you feel like there’s a lot at stake, and you’re tired. When you start scrambling for answers and are overcome with worry about a situation, or a decision you’ve made, it’s time to check your perspective. By checking in with yourself, you can climb back on the proverbial horse. Put the Committee’s punishing judgement and attitudes aside, and bring in the reality crew. All you’re doing in this particular scenario is taking a few days off. Your boss signed your form, he or she didn’t say no! You can’t control what your colleagues are going to think, or anyone for that matter!

In recovery, there can be a lot of muck that clogs your perspective. When you are worried about a situation and can’t seem to come to any resolution yourself, it’s a good idea to run it by a trusted friend, counsellor or therapist. Through their entirely different perspective, they may help you see another point of view, which you hadn’t considered. In recovery, learning to check in with your perspective and trusting it takes time. With every attempt and effort, you have the opportunity to build self confidence and recognize when your perspective is off or right on.

Recovery is possible and healing will take place as we learn to recognize what works for us and what doesn’t, like our perspective on life situations. Villa Tranquil, a women’s transitional living home and program in Jupiter Farms, Florida, provides structure, safety, and support, where women have the chance to continue healing and growing after primary treatment. Call us today for information:  214-799-3080