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Common Barriers to Recovery for Women

Often women dealing with addiction want to seek help. They don’t want to be a victim anymore, and they want to turn their lives around. However, life is not always that easy. Seeking addiction help is a tough decision and requires an immense amount of commitment and dedication. For women, we have our own set of difficulties beyond that initial step of deciding it is time to make a change.

For many women dealing with addiction, the most effective way to make the necessary changes is to get away from their current situation with an admission into a rehabilitation facility or some similar type of in-house treatment plan. This can be difficult, even impossible for women to do. What about their children? What about their jobs? Many women dealing with addiction are the sole providers for their families. Some are single parents with no other support, financial or otherwise. Some have a supportive spouse but require two incomes to survive. In these situations, live-in treatment options are not feasible. For more severe addictions, it is very difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible, to go through withdrawals while still at home, taking care of children, and running a household.

Even women without children or other dependent obligations may still struggle to get away from their daily lives to seek the treatment they need. Of those that can get away, some are too proud, too embarrassed, or just too scared to make that leap into treatment. The negative stigma that women face in regards to addiction is immense and sometimes feels like too large a burden to carry.

Another common barrier to recovery for women occurs after the treatment plan is completed and the recovery has begun. Still dealing with the stigma of being in recovery, some women find it hard to repair broken relationships, meet friends that share their sobriety, and even obtain gainful employment. While some of these barriers are psychological, they are no less real to the individuals dealing with them at the moment.

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