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Common Signs Of Anxiety

40 million American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It is so much more common than most people think. Not every bout of anxiety is a disorder, though. Anxiety, in general, is something that everyone deals with. Most people learn how to adequately deal with the anxiety they feel. For others, the anxiety disrupts their daily life. These people have anxiety disorders. If your anxiety is turning into something bigger than just everyday worries, it’s time to talk to a professional about how you’re feeling. According to an article in Prevention Guide by Digiulio and Klein, there are common signs of anxiety that could point toward a more significant issue. Here are the symptoms:


Going straight to avoidance isn’t something you should be doing. You should be able to problem-solve the things that come up, not just jump straight on the avoidance train. 


Worst-case scenarios happen to everyone every once in a while. It’s a bigger issue, however, when it becomes a constant mechanism. Catastrophizing can be seen in negative thought spirals where the worst-case scenarios are unjust. 


Physical pain can often accompany anxiety disorders. If you’re dealing with constant headaches, stomach aches, or muscle pain and you are overly anxious, you may want to reach out for help.


Becoming irritable at the smallest of things is a sign that you may be struggling with something more than just everyday anxiety. If your irritability is leading to sleep disturbances, eating disturbances, tiredness, and not being able to focus, you should seek greater help. 

Overestimating threats

Not everything is cause for major concern. If you are feeling threatened by what others see as small things, reach out for help.

Persistent worrying

Stress, worry, and anxiety are common things that everyone feels. If you, however, feel worried almost all of the time, you may be struggling with something greater than normal anxiety.

Worry, worry, and more worry 

Worrying about something major is okay — it means you care! If your worrying, however, continues on and on and on, you might want to reach out for help. You may even begin to worry about your constant worrying. Extensive worrying is a cause for concern.

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