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Counseling Services

Our focus on holistic healing means that we emphasize therapies to heal your mind, body and spirit. Many people think of counseling as a wholly mental activity — talking about your thoughts and feelings, working through personal difficulties and treating the ailments of the mind. And, while we do offer a wide array of women’s counseling and therapies to treat mental health, we also use the 12 Step program to help you reconnect with your spirituality and pair nutritional counseling with exercise therapies to promote long-term physical health.

At Villa Tranquil, we aim to provide you with all the tools you need to heal their addiction now and stay in recovery for the rest of their life. Our variety of counseling services help you create short- and long-term goals for your recovery, including mental disorder management, diet and exercise routines and career development. We encourage setting goals for the future so that you always have something to reach for, but we know that it often requires smaller baby steps to get there. Our counseling services are designed to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

Mental Health Counseling

Research shows that addiction and mental health disorders often go hand in hand. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 20 percent of those struggling with alcohol or drug dependency have been diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder. For those with a dual diagnosis, the right recovery treatment can mean the difference between multiple attempts at rehabilitation and a successful lifelong recovery. We offer counseling services for mental disorders including:

  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Personality disorder

If you don’t see your disorder on this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Taking the first step to seek treatment for your addiction is difficult and we are always here to guide you. We know that everyone’s recovery is different, so we are prepared to make sure that we can meet your needs or we can help you find somewhere that can. Call Villa Tranquil at 866-697-7573 to learn more about our resources and the services we offer our clients with dual diagnoses.

Nutritional Counseling

Healing your body from addiction is just as important as healing your mind. In fact, the two are deeply intertwined because your brain’s functions are directly affected by the health of the rest of your body. The food you eat and the exercise you get can improve your mood, your energy levels and your cognitive abilities — all things that are impaired by drug and alcohol abuse. We provide nutritional amenities including:

  • Fresh meals prepared by an in-house chef
  • Nutritional counseling and healthy eating education
  • Personalized grocery shopping
  • Meal planning with a licensed dietician

During your stay at Villa Tranquil, we can teach you healthy recipes, meal management and your particular dietary needs — skills you can that you can use wherever you go after your stay with us. We will give you the tools to take care of your body through our nutritional counseling services.

Career Counseling

Your long-term success is important to the Villa Tranquil team, so we offer career counseling and professional workshops to help prepare you to support yourself when you leave our programs. We can help you find careers paths where you will thrive, prepare you for applying and interviewing for jobs and teach you the skills you will need to excel in the workplace. Our career counseling services include:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Résumé building
  • Transportation to jobs/job interviews
  • Employment resources
  • Time management workshops

Employment after addiction recovery will give you a sense of purpose, stable income and a productive way to spend your time on a daily basis. We want to help you achieve your career goals as well as your mental and physical health goals, and our career counseling programs can help you get started.

Spiritual Guidance

Nurturing your relationship with God gives you an ever-ready, ever-present support system that you can take with you when you leave our facility. No matter where your life takes you after Villa Tranquil, God will always be there for you to talk to when you need someone to listen. Building your spirituality as part of the 12 Step program gives you a renewed sense of strength that comes from within, and having God at your side can give you the confidence you need to take control of your addiction or dual diagnosis. Joining a church or other religious community after your recovery at Villa Tranquil can give you access to even more spiritual counseling — religious friends and leaders are often compassionate providers of advice and guidance. Strengthening your spirit alongside your mind and body can give you a third source of support as you venture into a substance-free life.