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Cutting and Self-Harm: The Inside Scoop

Many assume that individuals that participate in self-harm are suicidal. Experts say this is generally not the case. If someone dies or nearly dies from a self-inflicted injury of this nature, it is more than likely accidental, not intentional. There are other reasons people harm themselves. Self-harm is less about the actual injury and more about the psychological effects. It is most commonly a means of self-medicating or self-preservation.

There are many methods of self-harm. These methods include cutting, pulling out hair, breaking small bones in the hands and feet, banging one’s head against a hard surface, burning oneself, or sticking objects into the skin. Self-harm is often used as a means of releasing excess tension, calming anxiety, relieving guilt, or expressing emotions that the individual simply can’t put into words. Self-harm can also be a way method of exerting control over one’s life when they feel they can’t control anything else. Often self-harm begins in the teenage years or early adulthood. Although, if related to a trauma, self-harm can start at any age.

Due to the private nature of self-harm, the estimates of how many people are affected by this disorder are quite varied. They range from 3 percent to 38 percent of youth and adolescents. While some of the symptoms may seem obvious, there are some common indications that self-harm may be an issue.

  • Broken bones with no appropriate explanation
  • Continued small wounds like cuts and bruises, often in the same place on the body
  • An obsession with having sharp or harmful objects nearby at all times
  • Internalizing emotions and withdrawing from loved ones and hobbies
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness
  • Issues with impulse control

Self-harm is extremely dangerous and can be very difficult to treat. Early detection has a significant impact on the ability to treat and heal an individual with a self-harm condition. Watch for the signs and if you or a loved one feel self-harm might be an issue, get the help you need right away. Don’t waste another moment.

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