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Dating in Recovery

Countless articles, television shows, novels, and blog posts have been dedicated to the topic of dating. Topics cover everything from what not to say to what to wear on your first date. With so much emphasis on dating, the idea of dating when in recovery can be a controversial conversation. Like many other topics, everyone seems to have an opinion on the right way to date when sobriety is a focus in your life.

In a perfect world, you should be able to date without regard to your recovery, as addiction would be something only found in your past. However, as we all know, and often firsthand, recovery is not a box you check on a to-do list. Recovery is a journey. Your recovery evolves and morphs as you move along throughout your life, and at some point during your recovery, you may find yourself ready to enter the ever-changing world of dating. The most important thing to remember when you see yourself on the verge of taking this leap of faith is that you are strong enough and you are in complete control. You have nothing to fear. You have made it this far, and you are destined to excel in your recovery.

Likely, one of the most pivotal decisions you need to make prior to dating is regarding your potential suitors. Some people firmly believe that those in recovery should only date others in recovery. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most common involve reducing the risk of temptation and the idea that someone in recovery is more likely to understand better the struggles you face when focused on sobriety.

In the end, it is a personal choice. Consider your comfort level and consider those you are most interested in getting to know better. For someone that is new to recovery, ideally, dating someone that is also in recovery may provide an additional layer of support and create a bond of understanding between the two of you. However, if you know someone that is not in recovery and you are interested in potentially dating them, it is less about their recovery status and more about them as a person. If they respect you, value your opinion, and genuinely care about you, when you are upfront with them and let them know you are passionate about your recovery, they will support your decision and will encourage your healing rather than derail your progress.

If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, get the help you need right away. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction professional and start your recovery journey.