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Dealing with Addiction as a Young Woman

Addiction effects women of all ages. There is no point at which women “grow out of” their addictions when they reach a certain age. There is no minimum age for addiction, either. Unfortunately, addiction can become a reality for women of all ages. Each age group deals with addiction differently and is affected by it uniquely.

Recent studies conclude that many young women (ages 18-28) have endured similar events in their lives that may have contributed to their issues with addiction. These young ladies have often experienced intense trauma, low self-esteem, guilt, depression, self-harm, anxiety, shame, and eating disorders. Many deal with a variety of these issues on a consistent basis. These sources of continued negativity create a unique set of challenges for young women in recovery.

While treatment for addiction is difficult for the majority of us, these young women deal with additional challenges. Some of these challenges include heightened vulnerability, lack of life skills, self-esteem, and lack of confidence. Often the past trauma a young woman lived through is at least partially to blame for these challenges. Trauma can cause a young lady to lose faith in herself and her ability to do the things she needs to in her life. This lack of confidence creates a decreased level of self-esteem, and she begins to think she just isn’t good enough. When she feels she isn’t worth it, she leans on drugs or alcohol to feel better, even temporarily. Many of these young ladies come from a background where they were not taught essential life skills. They never had positive influences to show them what they needed to know to live peacefully with a sense of contentment. Without these necessary life skills, these young women experience a considerable increase in their personal vulnerability. These negative factors often combine to keep young women in the vicious cycle of addiction as self-medication and a coping mechanism.

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