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Dealing with Chronic Pain

Life throws some major curveballs. Pain is a big one. While pain isn’t always a bad thing, as it does serve the purpose of protecting an individual’s body in a biological sense, it tends to make everything seem a little bit (or a lot!) harder to handle. Chronic pain refers to any pain that lasts longer than six months, has no biological function, or it controls a person. Often chronic pain leads to dependency issues, as doctor’s use prescription therapy to combat pain. Unfortunately, those that are in recovery or have dealt with addiction in the past are far more susceptible to prescription drug abuse. Don’t lose hope, though; some options don’t include medication. In fact, even without the risk of dependency to consider, handling chronic pain through more natural methods can be a much healthier route for your mind, body, and soul.

It is important to remember that pain isn’t always about the actual injury. Especially in chronic situations, it is often a pain that endures long after the injury itself. The nervous system releases pain signals through the body for many reasons, and convincing the body that there is no longer a deal for the pain reaction is a daunting task. When in recovery, the body is often more sensitive to nervous system signals, causing a somewhat overactive pain reaction. Chronic pain deals with far more than the injury or pain itself. The individual’s mood is affected drastically, as the pain can prevent her from participating in and enjoying the hobbies or sports they’ve always enjoyed.

For many people in recovery, the best route for dealing with chronic pain is with the assistance of a professional with experience and expertise handling the pain without risking a relapse. Success in dealing with chronic pain stems from a deep understanding of the pain, taking responsibility for the pain, mastering problem-solving techniques, and recognizing signs and symptoms of depression. Creating a plan that addresses these factors and allows the individual to use their own inner strengths to monitor and control their pain provides a long-term solution with their recovery in mind.

Villa Tranquil can provide the assistance necessary to manage chronic pain without sacrificing your recovery progress. Please call 214-799-3080 to talk to a professional that can help you deal with your pain without jeopardizing your sobriety.