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Dealing with Disappointment…When Family Lets You Down

We don’t get to pick our family, right? We have to learn to live with the hand we were dealt when it comes to our blood relatives. This may mean we have a crazy Uncle Scott or an annoying Aunt Ginger, but they are family, and we are stuck with them.  

The fact that they are family can make it even more painful when they let us down. Often we still have to see them and interact with them, even after they disappointed us. How do we deal with that disappointment when we counted on them, and they let us down?

  1. Remember we are all human. Each and every one of us has made mistakes. Some were enormous, some tiny, but we have all made our fair share of mistakes. Just as you forgive yourself, offer forgiveness to family, too.
  2. Focus on the good times. Think of all of the times that person didn’t let down. Remember when they were there for you and when they helped you, even in small ways. Give them credit for all of the good deeds.
  3. Understand that addiction isn’t just hard on the person who is addicted. Addiction affects everyone, and everyone has a different way of dealing with that stress. Maybe they let you down when you needed them most, but maybe they took your addiction harder than you knew. Allow your family to deal with the addiction as best they can and don’t hold their imperfections against them.
  4. Take responsibility for your actions. There is no one to blame for your actions. You may have been dealt a crappy hand, but we can all control the way we react to the situations in our lives. Taking responsibility for your choices and your actions will bring you closer to the life you deserve and will give you valuable insight into your recovery.
  5. Don’t be a victim. Staying in victim-mode will delay your recovery. Choose to heal and choose to forgive. Then, you have the freedom to let go.

Don’t let disappointment stand in the way of the life you deserve. If you feel you need support in dealing with disappointment from family and friends, call 214-799-3080 and speak with a professional about what you are going through. You don’t have to carry this burden alone.