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Dealing With Distress

Stress doesn’t always have to be negative. There is a kind of stress that can be positive: eustress. Eustress can be beneficial to you because it can increase your productivity. Of course, this is if it is handled correctly. Too much stress is harmful. Negative stress is called distress. Distress can have negative impacts on your brain and body, as well as your productivity. Distress can lead to chronic stress if left untreated. Luckily, there are healthy ways to manage distress. There are many different coping skills out there that can help you battle the stress you’re feeling. Laura Mears of Psychology Now lists out some ways you can lessen the harmful stress you’re feeling. Read below to learn about some of these ways. 

Believe in your body

The simple fact of believing in yourself is a powerful thing. What you believe usually comes true. This is the case with stress. If you’re believing that the stress you’re feeling is negative stress, it probably is affecting your body in that way. Try to keep a positive mindset. It can go a long way!


We already know that a great tool for our physical health is exercise, but also our mental health. Exercising can also help to reduce distress. The endorphins that are released during exercise help to boost your mood and gives your negative energy a place to go.

Help others

Focusing on other people when you’re feeling stressed is a great way to give yourself a sense of purpose. Like exercise, it also gives the negative energy a place to go.

Keep a stress diary

Writing down what triggers your stress is a great way to keep track of the distress you’re feeling. It gives your distress an outlet but also helps you figure out what is stressing you out the most. This can help you prepare for next time when you are in a similar situation. 

Make a plan

You can’t completely avoid all of your stress. You can’t change the outside world. You can, however, make a plan for when you are feeling extremely stressed. This plan can be based on your stress diary.

Take care of yourself

If you are battling an addiction, you may be triggered by stress. Take care of yourself during these times. You can also make yourself busy by distracting yourself from your urges. 


Reach out to someone you trust if you are feeling overwhelmed by distress. Talking with a loved one can be extremely beneficial for getting things off your chest. 

Try mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great tool that can help keep you present. Meditation is also a great tool to help calm the stress you’re feeling. 

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