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Dealing With Pressure During a Plateau

The peaks and valleys that you go through in recovery are often discussed, but the plateaus you experience in between aren’t talked about nearly as much. A plateau can come after a relapse and, although you’re in a much better place, you’re still not where you’d like to be. A plateau can also come after much success. Wherever your plateau puts you, it’s important to be able to navigate through it in a safe and healthy way. Read on to learn more.

 Plateaus Often Come With Pressure

If you’re coming off of a relapse, you might be putting some extra pressure on yourself to make sure that you make no mistakes. You came out of the valley and were able to stabilize yourself, but now you’re left to pick up the pieces and get back on track. It’s a good idea to have some structure in recovery, but you might be finding it very mundane if you’ve been doing the same thing for weeks. You might even be feeling some pressure from your family to return to the place you were at before your relapse. If your mood is still low and you’re struggling to stay motivated, the pressure can become overwhelming. We encourage you to shake things up a bit if your routine is too rigid. Plan something that you enjoy during the weekend. This will help the mundane feeling subside and give you a boost in motivation for the week. To help with the pressure that you’re putting on yourself, think about how far you’ve come in the past month or so. If you’re coming off a recent relapse and you’re a few days or weeks sober, that’s something to be proud of! You can try journaling to explore why you are putting so much pressure on yourself. Are your expectations unrealistic? If so, what changes can you make that will help you visualize success that is within reach? Give yourself space to explore the pressure and create a doable game plan for your recovery.

 If you’re coming off a major success, you can also slide into a pressure-filled plateau if you think too much about what is coming next. The peak you conquered can feel rewarding, but you may get stuck worrying about how you’ll live up to that success. If your peak was reaching a big milestone, like one year sober, you might spend time pressuring yourself to keep moving forward without allowing yourself to enjoy the moment that you’ve earned. If this is the case, we urge you to give yourself permission to enjoy the big moments in recovery. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are and you’re allowed to feel good about it. Once the moment has passed, think about setting new goals. What can you do to give you a sense of fulfillment and keep you on the recovery path? What does this success look like? Do you have a plan if you feel yourself veering off course? Figuring out how to make your recovery tangible is a great way to alleviate some pressure you’re feeling.

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