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Dealing With The “Bikini Ready” Craze Coming Your Way

Springtime might as well be summertime, according to the diet and fitness industry. Which means there is no time like the present to get into as perfect bikini ready shape as possible by the solstice start of summer on June 21. Not more than two months after the marketing push for new year’s resolutions, women face a whole new onslaught. Women are told to pick those resolutions for losing weight, getting thin, and getting in shape, backup in time for summer. Any number of weeks or months are advertised for being the last minute amount of time women can still get in the shape they want in order to look the way they want in a ‘bikini’ for summer. This yearly trend is continuously damaging to young girls, teenage girls, young women, and adult women. Every day, women receive thousands of messages through the media about their bodies. Women are told how they should look, how they shouldn’t look, what is beautiful, what is ugly, and how each of those things defines their worth. Transcending the mass marketed ideologies about women’s bodies can be a challenge, especially when, as a woman, you have allowed these messages to shape your perception of yourself, your self-esteem, and your body image.

Turn off the infomercials, curate your newsfeed, and put down the fashion magazines

Learning to tune out the messages of the media and tune into your own beliefs about your body and ‘beauty’ takes time. When you are early in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, there is a chance as a woman that you are early in recovery from an acute eating disorder, a body image disorder, and low self-esteem. Taking a break from ‘bikini ready’ marketing, or what some professionals call a “negative visual diet” is scientifically proven to make improvements in your mental health. Self-esteem, body image, and even the perception of beauty changes in women who drastically reduce the amount of photoshopped, altered, and digitally enhanced images they consumed. Without the constant inundation of persuasive messages, women can decide for themselves how they want to look and what they want to feel about how they look. Your body does not belong to social media, the internet, the news, or the magazines. Part of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is reclaiming your thoughts and beliefs. When you are a woman in recovery, you also recover and reclaim your body image and your self worth. The bikini ready craze means only as much as you allow it to. Embody your strength. Embrace your confidence. Be yourself.

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