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Do Incentives Work?

There are times in your recovery that you may find more difficult than other times. These could include holidays, birthdays, or significant events. These things all have one thing, at least, in common: they bring on celebration. These events usually come with loved ones and get-togethers. This could mean that there may be substances at these events. This can be difficult for anyone that’s sober, but especially someone who is just starting out. Temptations are no joke, and they’re all around you. Another time when you may find yourself struggling is when your recovery has become somewhat stagnant. You could have been going upwards at a steady pace, but now that you have plateaued, you may find yourself questioning what comes next. If you’re struggling with this, you must find a way to make each and every day meaningful. Don’t allow yourself to get comfortable and complacent in your recovery. One way to keep pushing forward is through incentives. Positive incentives can have a significant impact on your recovery and sobriety. Keeping the incentives positive is a key, though. For example, if you are avoiding alcohol in your recovery, you cannot reward yourself with a drink. Don’t think that “Just one drink won’t hurt!” If your goal is sobriety, you cannot reward yourself with what you are trying to avoid.   

What are appropriate rewards?

Many things can be positive rewards when you are staying sober. If you are really struggling, you may need to reach out and accept help from other people. For many people struggling with addictions, homelessness and unemployment is a primary issue. These two things are often barriers to those who are trying to stay sober. This is why there are community programs that offer incentives to staying sober. Just think: If someone is struggling to make ends meet, how are they supposed to attend therapy sessions? Having the rent or other needs met makes therapy and other necessary things more accessible for those who need help. 

Incentive models to implement

  • Nonprofit social business enterprise
    • This model helps to make the workplace more therapeutic for those recovering from addictions. 
  • Cooperative employer
    • This model is where businesses hire employees who are recovering from substance use disorders.
  • Community building
    • This model helps to promote events and laws in the community that help to make substance use less prevalent.
  • Wage supplements
    • This model ensures that wages are increased for those who are maintaining their sobriety. 
  • Reducing barriers to education
    • This model increases education, specifically allowing former convicts to attend school. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here for you if you are struggling. We can help offer incentives during your recovery. We want to give you the education you need to stay sober. Call now at 214-799-3080 for more information about how we can help you. We can’t wait to hear from you.