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Don’t Underestimate Gratitude

Research shows that those who express more significant levels of gratitude live longer, more fulfilled lives. Stress levels decrease, anxiety lessens, and the ability to concentrate and focus both increases. For someone in recovery, an uncomplicated, easily accessible strategy to relax, improve mood, and find joy is immensely important. Gratitude can do all of those things. There is no financial hardship, no test you have to take, and no approval you must receive in order to reap the benefits of gratitude. You are in control of this powerful strategy.

When you are experiencing things that feel as though they are bigger than you and that you can’t seem to overcome, take a moment to revisit the blessings in your life. Begin with that very moment. Notice the shoes on your feet, the shirt on your back, and lack of hunger in your stomach. Then, expand your thoughts and consider the roof over your head, the positive relationships in your life (even if they are limited), and the employment, education, or financial blessings you may have. Now, look at your recovery. You found a way to free yourselves from the grasp of addiction. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t fast. It can be a struggle, and there are days it may seem impossible. Have faith, though, in yourself and in your courage. You can do this, and it is worth it.

Addiction is dangerous and unsettling. It can be detrimental to your health, happiness, and relationships. Don’t let addiction ruin your life or control you for even one more moment. If you or a loved one is struggling with your recovery or still contemplating the journey of recovery, please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 today to speak with an addiction expert to find the support you need to make this choice. You are worth it. Treatment isn’t easy, but you can do it, and you deserve a life free of addiction. Villa Tranquil provides a peaceful, positive environment which allows you to focus on your recovery. With the support of an experienced, professional staff you can find the courage and strength to live a life of sobriety.