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Drinking During Pregnancy is not a Good Idea

Substance abuse during pregnancy has a long list of potential health risks. Fetal alcohol syndrome can come to infants who have experienced an inundation of alcohol consumption. Birth defects, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders can be a risk. Neonatal abstinence syndrome comes to infants who have experienced exposure to drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, and opioids. Upon birth, the child is cut off from the supply of drugs, experiencing adult-like symptoms of withdrawal which can lead to complications later in life, as well as in development.

Abusing substances during pregnancy is different than consuming the occasional glass of wine. Recreational drug use is not as commonly discussed in regards to pregnancy as recreational alcohol use. For many years the question of whether or not to drink during pregnancy has been hotly debated. The occasional dose of alcohol has been found to be relatively non-harmful, until recently. NPR reports that studies regarding alcohol consumption during pregnancy are few and far between. A recent analysis conducted on all available data found a very loose correlation between a woman having two to three drinks per week and a ten percent higher likelihood for a preterm birth. However, the very real threat of regular, if not heavy drinking, on infants in utero poses enough risk in the activity. Most medical professionals agree that substance use during pregnancy is not a risk worth taking. If abstinence from substance use is a greater guarantee of less problems, disorders, and defects, why should women bother?

Women with preexisting alcohol use and substance use disorders face a difficult time during pregnancy. Abstaining for 9 months can seem an improbability and many women abuse their substances regardless of their unborn child. Other women with alcohol use issues might abstain for those 9 months but promptly return to substance abuse after the child is born. Women who begin their journey of recovery before their first or next pregnancy find themselves in a better place to abstain, raising their child without the child ever knowing what an intoxicated mother is like.

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