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Eat: How To Snack Smarter

When the afternoon hits, you might find yourself feeling tired and lazy. What you do next
can either give you the boost you need or drag you down even further. According to
health coach Suzy Glaskie, “Simple swaps and energy-sustaining snacks can help us
sail through our working day.” Glaskie talks about her former food routine, noting that
she would have cereal or toast in the morning, followed by soup and a baguette for
lunch, and opting for a “mid-afternoon chocolate fix” when she was feeling sluggish in
the afternoons. “What I misunderstood was that I was subjecting my body to a crazy
ride where my blood sugar soared then rapidly plummeted, leaving me ravenous for my
next carb fix. I had no idea that the toast I was enjoying for breakfast was being
converted by my body into sugar, giving me the same hike and crash as a chocolate
bar.” Learning about food and how the body reacts to different types of snacks will help
you make healthier choices that will keep you feeling good all day long.

Staying Level

When blood sugar crashes after engaging in unhealthy eating habits, the brain can’t
work properly which leads to feeling lazy and sluggish. Cognitive functioning drops and
the mood is impacted, too. “So instead of feeling emotionally resilient and speaking
calmly and constructively, we snap and say things we regret.” The good news is that
this can be changed simply by eating healthier. Start with incorporating protein into each
meal. Good fats are also important to work into your diet, as well as other nutrient-rich

Snacking: What to Do and What Not to Do

Treats to avoid:

  • Low-fat yogurts
  • Diet drinks
  • Posh coffees
  •  Artisan popcorns

Healthy alternatives:

  •  Protein
  •  Nuts and seeds
  •  Fruits and veggies
  •  Green tea
  •  Lots of water

Diet or Lifestyle?

It’s important to remember that the way you eat shouldn’t be looked at as a diet. Diets
are usually short-term and get thrown out the window once you reach your goal weight.
Lifestyle changes aren’t focused on weight-loss. Instead, these choices are focused on
long-term health and wellness. Just like recovery is a lifestyle, so is the way you eat!

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you transform your health and wellness
into a lifestyle. Call us today at 866-697-7573 for more information about how we
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