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Expectations and Recovery

An important component of any successful recovery deals with the individual’s expectations. When you decided to get help for the addiction issues in your life, you had at least a vague idea of what you thought your recovery would look like. Maybe it was as simple as knowing that you will no longer have days and nights that you don’t remember. Or perhaps it revolves around ending the practice of spending every last dime you earn on drugs or alcohol. Whatever thoughts you have about what your life of sobriety will look like are important to capture and remember. During your treatment, you can share those ideas with your support system, counselor, or therapist. Let them know what is important to you about your decision and what motivates you to create this new life of sobriety. After all, it is your recovery, so you need to have input in its creation.  

As you put together your thoughts and dreams and goals for recovery, it is essential that you manage your expectations. Recovery is a difficult journey, and it is not without its ups and downs. Recovery comes with fear, doubt, relapse, and anger, but it also comes with hope, joy, accomplishment, and contentment. Unfortunately, we rarely get the good without the bad, although it is the bad that makes the good feel so much more amazing.

Managing your expectations is a skill you will learn in your treatment and a skill you will practice throughout your recovery. Your support system will be there to help you stay grounded and keep your goals realistic. If you have been drinking a bottle of vodka every day for the last twenty years, at the beginning of your recovery, it is unlikely that you will wake up each morning loving your newfound sobriety and never once considering taking another drink. When you have dealt with addiction for a long time, it can have lasting adverse effects on your mental and physical well-being. It is worth it though. Always remember that your sobriety is worth every ounce of effort required to obtain this life of your dreams. You are worthy, and you can make this happen.

If you or a loved one is contemplating your struggle with addiction, call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert today. Villa Tranquil offers a serene, peaceful environment in which you have the opportunity to define your recovery and determine what life you want to live. Your destiny is up to you. Call Villa Tranquil today!