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Fact or Fiction…Debunking Common Misconceptions about Women and Recovery

Remember when your Mom told you that your hair would grow faster if you cut it more often? Well that myth has been debunked. There are currently a lot of myths about women and recovery, and it is high time we find out the real truth behind these rumors.

Fact or Fiction?

  1. Men are more likely to develop addiction than women.  FICTION! Recent studies have shown that not only are the numbers of men and women suffering from addiction nearly equal, but women are currently the largest segment of new drug users in the United States.
  2. Women tend to become addicted to drugs or alcohol faster than men. FACT!  Research says that women, likely due to smaller body weight, have a shorter “onset of dependency” relative to their male counterparts.
  3. Women don’t deal with a stigma regarding addiction and recovery. FICTION! Quite the opposite is true. Women are often held to a higher standard. We are expected to be smart, beautiful, capable, and put together. We are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends, Housekeepers, Bread earners, and many other things. We are everything to some and often neglect to consider our own needs when living our lives. This can make women susceptible to addiction, and it can mean an even greater stigma through recovery.
  4. If a woman chooses to try a drug, that doesn’t mean she chooses addiction. FACT! Even though she said yes to the drug initially, or even more than once, that does not mean she chose to be addicted. Addiction can sneak up on a person when they least expect it. Many factors determine why someone becomes addicted to a substance such as genetics, psychological conditions, and past trauma just to name a few.  
  5. Women who love their children won’t become addicted. FICTION! Addiction is not a choice! Many women dealing with addiction have children, and that does not mean they love their children any less. People are imperfect. Our imperfections don’t change our ability to love.

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