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Family Functions in Recovery

Even without the additional considerations in recovery, family functions, especially during the holidays, can be stressful. The truth is there are almost always individuals in our families that we would not associate with if we weren’t related. For some people, its a crazy uncle that hasn’t mastered his social skills and for others, it is the sister-in-law that simply oozes condescension. Whoever it is in your family, remember that while you can’t control the actions of others, you can control the way you react. As part of your recovery, you must take full responsibility for your actions even when others are unkind, judgemental, or downright mean. Your ability to carefully respond to others in such a way that you are true to yourself and to the life you’ve worked so hard to create is essential in the success of your recovery journey.

Consider the idea that you really have no idea what is going on in the lives of those around you. Maybe a family member snaps at you for no apparent reason, and it may seem completely unnecessary. What if that person was just laid off from their job or they received a demotion? What if that individual received some bad news related to their health? There is just no way to know for sure what is going on in the lives of others, so try not to hold it against them. Always consider the possibility that it isn’t really you or a problem they have with you, but maybe they are just having a bad day. While that certainly doesn’t excuse bad behavior, it allows you to move on and not take things as personally.

When you’ve completed your primary treatment plan, the idea of immersing yourself in your “old life” may seem overwhelming and downright frightening. It doesn’t need to be so intimidating. Villa Tranquil is a recovery facility that assists you through this transition. While staying at Villa Tranquil, you learn the life skills necessary to continue down your journey of recovery. Dealing with addiction isn’t easy, and you don’t have to do it alone. Villa Tranquil offers a serene, healthy environment in which you can begin your recovery journey. Surround yourself by addiction experts and professionals with the training to help you make the changes in your life that will lead to your successful commitment to sobriety. Get the help you need today. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 now!