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Feel Better About Sleep With These 3 Tips

#IWokeUpLikeThis has its moments. Some women wake up with a ray of sunshine, seeming to jump out of bed right into a perfected outfit, perfected makeup, and a perfectly organized day. Other women hit the snooze button, throw their alarm clock across the room, and grumble at the audacity of the alarm to keep encouraging them to wake up. We all wake up some way. We all wake up differently. Many of the habits and patterns we experience in the way we wake up can be changed by the way we go to sleep. Numerous research studies have found that different habits like scrolling through your social media news feed while you’re laying bed and eating fried food late at night can interfere with your ability to get deep restful sleep.

Opt Out Of The Late Night Gym Sesh

Every woman does her best to carve in her ‘me’ time. Sometimes that means being one of the last people at the gym, or joining the late night crowd at your 24-hour gym. Working out late at night before you go to bed might be exhausting, but won’t lead to the best sleep. Though you’ll be tired and your muscles will be fatigued, you will have things like lactic acid and adrenaline still coursing through your veins keeping your mind awake and your body restless.

Create A Bed Time For Yourself

Little children are cooed into preparing for bedtime long before it is bed time. Too often, for little kids, this equates to an hour or so of purely unadulterated hyper chaos. For you, as an adult, bedtime should be a welcome practice rather than inspiration for wild rebellion. Turn off your phone and other digital devices. Take care of your nightly hygiene. Do your nightly spiritual practices like journal, pray, or meditate. With satisfaction and a more calm mind, you can tuck yourself in and drift off to sleep.

Put Something Warm In Your Belly

Avoid eating heavy foods, fried foods, greasy foods, and overly complex foods that are hard to digest. You also want to avoid eating sweet foods or foods full of natural sugar that might keep you awake. Somewhere in the mix is the perfect late night morsel to put something warm in your belly. Feeling a little satiated and relaxed, you will drift into sleep without keeping your stomach awake.


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