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Female Role Models In Recovery

It is vital that the importance of role models throughout recovery not be underestimated. Role models come in many different forms and are not always as evident as one might imagine. When in the beginning stages of recovery, you may find role models in unlikely places. You may find that the attendant at the local gas station always has a smile on his face and he may serve as a role model for you, as an example of the benefits of remaining positive throughout each day.

While all positive role models have their benefits during this stage of recovery and moving forward, there are specific reasons to ensure you have female role models. Research concludes that women are more likely to feel an emotional connection with another woman versus a man. When a woman sees another woman beating addiction, they think they are more likely to reach that same level of success. Mentally, it is easier for them to see themselves succeeding in their recovery after meeting another woman who has accomplished the same. As you work through your own issues with addiction, make every effort possible to connect with other women that are in a place you want to be in your life. Spend time with these female role models whenever possible so that you begin to believe that you, too, can beat addiction truly. If she can do it, so can you! Get the help you need today.    

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, remember that you are not alone. Addiction destroys lives of those directly involved and also their friends and families. Addiction is a disease, and it affects everyone differently. The important thing is to acknowledge that there is a problem and to commit to getting the help you need.

Villa Tranquil Recovery stands as a new staple in the women’s treatment community, offering gender-specific services for women between the ages of 18-65. Our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida provides a transitional living opportunity for women to continue their treatment process while regaining the skills they need to thrive in sobriety. Owned and operated by clinicians, we offer exceptional care so women can build exceptional lives of recovery. Call us today for information 214-799-3080.