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Finding Comfort in Friendships

Addiction and mental illness can leave you feeling isolated. It is important to fight the intense feelings that are pushing you to isolate yourself and find support in healthy relationships every once in a while. Instead of attending a large gathering, we encourage you to seek out genuine connections. Find a quiet coffee shop to meet at with a local friend or set aside time for a weekly check-in with those far away. One-on-one interaction can be so helpful in recovery. When recovery gets difficult, it’s important to have strong friendships that you can lean on. Give yourself permission to find comfort in friendships. You deserve to feel safe and supported.

 Comforting Complements

A great friendship is one in which each person complements the other person well. If one person is a bit on the quiet side, the other person might be the conversation starter. If one person is reserved, the other may be adventurous. This is a good way to extend your comfort zone and gain new perspectives. Find the balance between give and take and you’ll see your friendship begin to flourish.

 Respect Boundaries

All healthy relationships include boundaries. The boundaries you have created in your recovery are important to enforce and good friends will respect your boundaries. If you feel like a line has been crossed, discuss your concerns with your friend. Remember, too, that your friend will also have their own boundaries. Just like you expect your boundaries to be respected, you should respect their boundaries as well.

 It Goes Both Ways

Remember that the phone works both ways. If your friend has been checking in on you during a time when you were struggling, be there for your friend if they are going through a difficult time. Friendships are strengthened when both people feel comfortable in their vulnerable moments. Be ready to comfort your friend when they need it, just like they were there for you.

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