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Finding Your Way Around the Alcohol at a Holiday Party

There are plenty of tasty nonalcoholic beverages you can make during the holidays. Holiday flavors are some of the best and don’t require any alcohol to enjoy. Peppermint, pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, marshmallow, chocolate, almond, fruits, nuts, and more can all be concocted into something delicious.

Or just drink water

When you are confident and secure in yourself and in your recovery, you do not need to hold onto a drink in your hand in order to fit in because you do not feel like you have to fit in anymore when it comes to drinking. Water is always a good choice, though it may beg more inquisition from others.

Tell them its for your health

The truth is, when you are in recovery from alcoholism and you abstain from alcohol during a holiday party, there are probably more people’s health in consideration than your own. Putting the blame on your health is not a far stretch from the truth. You’ve learned that alcohol affects you in mind, body, and spirit. Recovery helps you maintain that holistic health.

Cheers when others Cheers

You aren’t against drinking. Learning about the nature of alcoholism has taught you that some people are capable of drinking regularly, even irregularly, and not developing alcoholism. You don’t judge others for drinking, at least not out loud. When others celebrate their drinking, celebrate with them. Recovery has given you plenty to “Cheers!” about. Find gratitude for that nonalcoholic drink in your hand and thankfulness for another moment to remember how great it is to be sober.

Don’t pick up the same cup

Even though you aren’t drinking, party rules apply, especially as a woman. People can be strange especially during the holidays. You don’t know what someone might slip into your cup, whether it be a dangerous drug or just some alcohol. The right combination of flavors could mask the alcohol, or your brain might normalize the flavor, even though you “know better”. If you put a nonalcoholic beverage down somewhere, don’t pick it up again. Get something new.


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