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Five Important Skills for Sober Living

1. Maintain a consistent support system

When you consistently surround yourself with people who support you and your sobriety, you are likely to make healthy living choices. You can run ideas by recovery friends, your sponsor, and trusted family members. If situations in life become difficult, any number of those on your support system can be there to offer solace, encouragement and guidance.

2. Organize and maintain control over your  finances

Some women are tempted to spend money they don’t have, relying on credit cards to tie them over until the next paycheck. With a busy and full life, forgetting charges put on credit cards can easily happen. Credit card bills can add up fast, causing financial and emotional stress. Establishing a budget, to live within your means, can provide peace of mind. Creating a method for savings, can give your the financial ability to pay for vacations and unplanned expenses that arise.

3. Problem Solving

Learning to solve problems on your own is essential for sober living because there may come a time when everyone you count on isn’t available. Solving problems on your own fosters self confidence—a key ingredient for productive sober living. Problem solving covers more territory than when things go awry. It can involve fixing a broken lamp, or making decisions in the moment, like if your beloved dog looks sick.

4. Being responsible for your happiness

Happiness doesn’t just happen because you decided to get sober. You can be content by maintaining your sobriety. While that is honorable and brave, don’t you deserve more, like joy in your life? Being responsible for your own happiness is a crucial mindset for sober living. Happiness takes attitude, motivation, practice and patience.   

5. Effective Communication

Communication is a two-way street. You both offer and receive information. If you are not clear about the messages you communicate, then you lay yourselves open for misunderstanding and disappointment. It’s therefore important to be clear about the intention and the delivery of information. If your tone of voice is off, the person on the receiving end, may not hear the gist of the message, and respond accordingly. If your tone is neutral, the message has a better chance of making the point known.

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